Other ways to improve attributes

Heya, I’m back with a new slew of weird ideas. Today I’m going to suggest different ways of upgrading your character.

  1. Characters can select a Primary Attribute at Character Creation and take an expensive potion that resets it. It just gives 1 level in the attribute you select, its basically worth just 1 AP. You get it at Character Creation, so you can use it to guide your attribute build and worse comes to worse, you can create a difficult potion to change it. Makes your characters feel a bit different at least.

  2. The thrall/pet you select to follow you, gives you a stat boost. For thralls, it goes back to my first suggestion, different human thralls have a random stat that they boost, you’ll only know once you’ve converted them. When you get them to follow you, you get their attribute boost. For pets, different species gives you a different boost. So all tiger pets grant strength, all bears give survival, camels to encumbrance or something. This is to help make pets feels different from one another, aside from health and model.

I suggest this cause they recently did an update that didn’t allow you to stack stat boosts from food and potions. I used to Potion of Accuracy and a Hunter’s Potion and get both their buffs, but no more.

And I’m not complaining, I get it, its bad for PvP, though I play PvE, but that’s fine. But I like my buffs.

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