Outposts and Garrisons in Photos (please share)

The Pagoda of St Copious of Northern -

Just finished the rough-in.

EDIT: I just saw the “Share Your Shelter” thread was active, so I’ll add my photos to it. I was looking for specialized towers and garrison ideas more than shelter, and if a mod would like to close this thread, fine with me. :smiley:


For small outposts where there is not a bed, this looks great. For screens of a major base where your bed is located, the other thread is suitable.

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Cool thread! Love sharing screenshots :smile:
I don’t have anything that qualifies as outpost/garrison, I don’t think, to contribute… but if I build something like that, I’ll surely post!

EDIT: We need a thread to share cool scenery too, and cool situations captured in-game :slight_smile:

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Thanks Cattibria! I hope to see your situational thread, @Leeux, and thanks!

Here’s the shot from the other thread. I have begun to make some of my archer towers a bit like this. I saw a really cool outpost the other day that looked like an opening flower, but it was likely because of the ongoing attack…

If you make the arms come out at varying levels you can place towers like the arms of Shiva. I have made a little drum platform and stairs downward on two of the spurs.


A bit more of the stairs. For extra warning, people still have to climb to get up to them, or for guests I’ll probably put out an elevator.

Collapsed with the effort.


A small build I like to use as an outpost.

Inside cooking area

Living space

Entrance, basic workspace

Sometimes I build a slightly larger version for longer stays.


And another, but I’m not keen on the living space inside this one.

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