Overran by Chinese

I have over a thousand hours on this game and was really looking forward to official launch. I am officially done with this game… I live in the US and play on US servers. Every server I join eventually becomes over ran by Chinese. Been on the combat_testlive US 1 since it was released and right now it has to be 80% Chinese.

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i thought us servers are ping locked, or at least offical regular . If not now, should be looking into it for launch if the ping lock is gone on the other servers going to be another Ping War and will pretty much kill the game again for them.

Never play official - Never!


I hope some form of IP or ping filtering is implemented. It’s not so much the problem of them being Chinese or always banding together in large numbers it’s the fact that they will use every exploit or hack tool they can get their hands on to totally destroy any sense of normal fun gameplay. Even when such things dont exist, they will go out their way to make life hell for anyone else, from offline raiding the entire server and foundation wiping, to blocking access to parts of the map for no other reason than to troll, placing things to stop npc’s spawing in, to just spamming placeables all over the map just to lag the server. Pretty much anything than can be done to annoy or be underhanded they will do it enmasse all day, everyday until the server dies.

Hmmm… I live in China now in one of the most developed areas Internet wise and I cant connect to most servers due to the ping lockout.

My guess is they have some way to bypass the ping blockage.

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As most of us know, the server settings controlled by the administrator can be set so that only players in a certain region can play in that region. If the official administrators would limit players to their regions, then you could limit the Chinese to the Asian servers and protect the rest of the players worldwide from the Chinese.

This problem is old as the game itself if you have thousands of hours in this game you should know this by now.

You should know about the Pre-1st wipe era, the npc spawn block, the area/land claim block, building outside the greenwalls, under the map, within walls, behind mountains, the yog token fiasco, how they took down 211 (pre 2nd-wipe), etc etc etc. So…No, they will not implement a filter because they do not think this is a chinese problem, they have said it in one of the last streams aswell.

The only solution is to try private servers or put a server yourself. I’d suggest you check the dedicated server category.

Good luck.

The testlive servers have no ping restrictions, find yourself a US server with 140 max ping, and you wont have the Chinese problem. You’ll see it at the bottom of server info while browsing servers.

This. Official servers are for when you’ve had a bad day at work and need to grief people and ruin their day in reprisal. If you want quality gameplay, play on community servers.

I have not run into this issue on any of the official servers with ping lock enabled. I assume funcom leaves pinglock disabled on some of the test servers in hopes exploits will be revealed prior to being patched to live.

I’ve pretty much just played on offline mode so please be patient with this question.

What do the Chinese have to do with the official servers, and what does the pinging have to do with it? I know what ping is, but what is a ping war?