Owned DLC not avalible in game and achievments not unlocking. [SOLVED] Hosting and playing on same PC issue

I’ve tested SP and my dedicated server. I have validated files and even spent 2 hours waiting for a full reinstall and the issue has persisted.
I though the issue might be with the dedicated server but that can’t be true since both my wife and friend have been unlocking their achievements one connecting LAN and the other WAN.

Any ideas would be nice since everything I have found have been dead ends.


This fix is for people who are both hosting a dedicated server and playing on it from the same pc.

Your need to create a server start .bat and have -MULTIHOME in it
where I :heart::heart::heart::heart:ed up was not having proper syntax
e.g. my file now reads

ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -MULTIHOME= -nosteam

before it only had
ConanSandboxServer.exe -log -MULTIHOME -nosteam
so my issues is the original guide I followed didn’t mention adding in the IP of the host pc,

Hopefully this will save someone the hours and aggravation I had to go through.

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