Paid a month, cant log in


Yesterday I paid a month on my account to try out the new server.
Unfortunely there was a payment bug and now I have 1 month paid, 1 month failed payment, and so, even that I paid my account its frozen/unplayable.

Been waiting for 17 hours already and I still have no response.

Ticket #1105025

Just wait a month and it will be OK :slight_smile:

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This is unaceptable on so many levels… 17€ per month and they can’t even handle a simple task in customer service.

I bet it has something to do with the new payment window and the amount of players who came back. I agree tho, that the wait time is way too long for this kind of error.

My problem is solved now btw… so I am in…

How do one claim - got this msg “You have 7 pending reward items. Claim Pending Rewards to receive them.”

In the Daily Login window (it opens automatically when you log in) click the claim button, and then they spawn in your inventory :slight_smile:

Nahh it is the items from Sub 12. month

Ahh okay I don’t know then :confused:

My problem is also solved now. Took about 30 hours. Anyways better late than never. Seeya guys in the game!

Solved, after 20h+ hours.

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