Paid, but cant log inn

i payd for 2 accounts… the payment is aproved on main account site, but both accounts seperatly say … pending…
|Approved|Anarchy Online 3 month recurring (Playtime start 2019-04-13 06:21:31)|
|Approved|Anarchy Online 1 month recurring (Playtime start 2019-04-13 06:11:26)|

but i cant play cus login say its not payd…

are you guys even trying??? never an ARK when you try to reach them… some payments take 2-3 days before you get ingame points. and now i cant play even tho i payd??? shape up… this is extreemly anoing… not the way you get customers back

I’ve just reactivated my second account, it’s took my payment and frozen my account.

sounds just right :frowning: and they dont even bather to ansvere mails. tickets or here on forum