Pak file corrupt or tampered. Pleaseuse steam

How often should this be done? 1 time per hour? Day ? Month ?
Pak file corrupt or tampered. Pleaseuse steam… bla bla bla

How often should what be done? Validating your files? Once after every update, and if you’re having a new issue after mod updates, that’s an issue with the mod.


Exactly. Have to tll the denizens on my servers every update too. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s always the safe route. Whenever Funcom pushes out an update, always have Steam re-validate the files. In theory, that really shouldn’t be necessary, but in practice…

Anyone that has used any of the major software suites will be very familiar with this :smiley:

Okay, from the other way around: what if there is no update, and the error message starts popping up?
it was a case on my side. Can a mod just “go bad” without the mod itself, and other mods, and the game update?
Yeah, removing that mod helped, but this is strange, that seemingly out of blue the game starts crashing?
Driver update/revert to a known stable version, OS updates can affect mods? I know updates can mess with softwares such as games, but with mods too? Because the game modlessly worked fine (well, apart from the usual daily 1-2 crashes, that many player experience for years :laughing: ).
I’m just thinking out loud :thinkup:

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