Pande belt on 200 shade

did someone tried to equip pande belt on a shade lvl 200? I have found the aosetup link with all the items necesary for this but after i did some calculation based on CL skill i have now, if i would equip all the items from the aosetup link im still 20CL too short form the 1750 CL target.
Is possible to equip the belt or should i let it go?

There is another thread about it.

For me it isnt possible except if you got rejected spirit brain (legend around telling it droped).

[Lvl 200] pande belt shade my setup

With dual tuto (1K tuto): +100
setup 1608

  1. i dont know what you can use to get more.

The thread: [Shade] Equiping pande belt at 200 - #9 by Legendfluff

Thank You for reply.
I guess i ll have to give up the iddea of equiping the belt.The trox shade you talked about had to use exploits or maybe he was the luckiest and had the legendary spirit brain :slight_smile:

There is a famous omni player that got a opi shade level 200 with ql 300 piercing ncu… since 2 years maybe. No ban. Then it might be legit because of the brain spirit, otherwise i have no idea how to do it