Partial loss of base, unexplained cause


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [OC]

Posting bug on behalf, I can get more details if possible.

Server: [4324]
Hardware: [PS4 pro, 1TB]
Connection: [LAN, Fiber]
Player name: [RazayaWolf]

My friend has had an unexplained partial disappearance of his base. He has been very careful with the timer and doesn’t have an explanation as to why the castle disappeared. While intervention or explanation is desired, he’s happy with just reporting the loss of investment of time in the game. Unfortunately due to the unexplained nature and the one-off nature of the problem, there is no easy explanation to how the problem can be reproduced.

I can provide screen shots to support the case, but this forum disallowed uploads and links.

A teammate was online at time that the castle disappeared. She said she saw it vanish in front of her eyes. And a tonne of loot bags fell onto the ground.

He believes it wasn’t due to the purge, because other parts of the castle were not damaged. And due to the defensive location the purge would have come from a paticular angle, and the base was heavily defended to prevent such occurances. The teammate said there was no notification of the purge at the time or before the castle was destroyed.

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That is really strange. @Hugo @Ignatius any insight

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Over a year ago I owned a server, I flew over to someone’s base and the middle just crumbled away. No damage to the walls, 1 person needed for a purge to start. It looked to me like stability would not have been a problem and much of what crumbled would have had high stability.

I do see this as an issue that would be hard to solve by Funcom. I also think it’s not a common problem but has been happening for quite some time. It would be hard to recreate the issue and even if it happened, the cause would be hard to track down.

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I have run around a bend see a base and it vanished. Also had large parts of base disappear at frequented bases. I have the decay timer turned to around 296 hours . To much work to clean up after people. Thralls say good bye at 13 days

Hi @Quoose, thank you for reaching out, would it be possible for your friend to verify his Event Log for any relevant messages?

Any screenshots of the structure (ideally before and after the loss), as well of any Event Log entries would be great.

Okay, I’ll reach out. Just quickly, I haven’t checked since making more posts, how can I submit the screenshots? I have screenshots of the base, but I’ll reach out for event logs.

Okay, because of the time taken to get onto questioning this. The logs have been squelched.


There is one image of the design of the base on a private server rather than on the public. The shape and style and position is true to the base on the public server.

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Don’t have any personal experience with it but on one of my last servers - pretty sure it was 3151 - two of my enemies bases just vanished the exact same way that you described.

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