Passive mode! please!

Yes, I’ve already seen this suggestion a bunch of times on here from recent to clear back in the past… all have been locked which doesn’t make sense why Funcom doesn’t want it talked about.

But seriously, add in a passive mode where they won’t attack. Been playing just a little while and already almost lost animals and thralls from this since they follow to close and I can damage them.

Also, why lock these threads about passive? Is it because you’re going to add it soon? If so then just say so somewhere and we’ll all drop it. If not then why?

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It is on its way NotoriousN8. It is currently in Testlive, so it shouldnt be tooooo long until it is released. I would take a guesstimate of ~ 1 to 3 weeks. You can read more about this impending update here:


Thank god, because the AI is so bad at knowing how to fight you can’t even use them. My horse has gotten me killed multiple times because it follows to close and runs into while I’m attacking. I just had a tiger down to one hit and couldn’t get the the hit because the horse kept running into me and keeping me from landing my last blow.

In all honesty, the animal mounts shouldn’t be in the game. The AI needs a ton of work and the UI needs things like passive, increasing follow distance, and other features to make them easier to use. They’re also to buggy when running into you and getting to close when fighting. I also keep getting stuck on trees in the savanna area that should allow me to pass by them. But that’s probably just a poorly made element in the game.

I really hope the devs get this fixed and fast. I was really pleased with this until I really dove into the game and ran into all kinds of little simple bugs that should have been fixed back before the game launched.

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