Password forget does not work


I am trying to login after years of not playing.
I saw several threads with the problem but I have not found a solution.
I know my account name but I do not receive the mail for password reset (homepage and ingame).
No Mail in inbox and no mail in junk folder.

What can I do?

Ticketnumber is #1156115


Got reply there are problems with gmx and I shall change to gmail.
But how shall I change my mail when I cannot login to my account?

No reply from Funcom since my last mail since about 4 weeks.

Ticket was accidently closed and there is no reply on the new ticket since weeks!
#1156981 Please check

today I had to create new account on same email I had several years ago to be able to report My account does not exists anymore? I was able to sent new password to my mail, but that does not work. So my characters inside game are lost?

@AndyB I still have not received anything from support.
What can I do to get my old account back?

@AndyB I still have not received any support.
I played a long time as premium user and now I want my account with my old chars back.

How shall I change the mail address of my account if I am not able to login to my account? Please provide me a solution how I can reset my password with the gmx address the account is registered to.

How long ago did you play ? In know after the first saga server they deleted accounts that hadn’t beeen active for 5/6 years

It was less than 5 years.
My account still exists.
If I request my username I am receiving the mail with my user name.
But if I request my password I don’t get any mail

Push to @AndyB s attention. Danganyas account is still bound to his account, this is not a case of no access data to a foreign account, only the password reset request does not work.
We are really looking forward to get a beloved guildi back into the game, possibly talking him into rejoining our raidforce. Maining HoX shows tons of dedication to the game, and playing it in the top 10% even more!

I just found this in another thread.

Yep, that’s true. I’m also noticing a grammatical error in the second paragraph :man_facepalming:

Anyway just message me and I can take a look at the account. :slight_smile:

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Hi @AndyB ,

private message is sent.

Thank you Kant and Fijn for your help.
Hopefully we will meet us ingame again!

@AndyB any update?

Solved after 5 months…
Thank you