Password reset system is BROKEN!

Just tried resetting my password because I was trying to log into my account (not the game!!!) in my browser and it kept telling me “wrong password”… Weird, I thought - because my browser has my password remembered - so I tried different variations, still no dice… I do the “recover lost password” method, get a new temporary password emailed to me, try to log into my account with THAT password, and it fails! It says the new password I was just emailed is invalid??! I cant log into my account nor can my wife log into any of her two accounts she has! Did you guys get hacked or are you getting hacked? Please address this before we have to call our banks and get our cards cancelled…

I did make a ticket as well, hopefully this gets some attention rather quickly, because I do not like the feeling im having in my stomach right now.

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I can remember i had exactly the same problem years ago. I made a support ticket and they helped me with that.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing your account. We should be able to assist you with this type of issue through email support, so please keep an eye on your email inbox for updates, for now. We’re working to assist everyone who’s been waiting for an email reply as quickly as we can.