Patch 2.7 and MS Store Windows 10 update doubds

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Other
Server type: Only single mode up to now
Region: Single player
Edition: Microsoft Store, I have Land exiles and Siptah Island instaleds.

Bug Description:

Just a question about the 2.7 patch by December 2021. Is a free update, right? in that case, did Windows MS Store had distributed 2.7 this patch to the customers?
I saw the last modified date in my MS Sore games of Conan exiles by November 3 2021.
Im not sure about the MS Store management.

So is not a proper PC bug but I dont know where post it.
Thans in advance.


There is an issue with the gamepass version on Microsoft’s side. The issue isn’t limited to CE, and unfortunately requires users to completely reinstall to receive each update.

Unfortunately this has been an issue with PCGP since it was in Beta.

So yes there is an update but it will require a full reinstall for most users.

Also Funcom are aware of this, and I’m sure they’re doing everything in their power to resolve the issue.

Good luck!


Hey ty for the answer.

That mean MS is selling a game with knowed errors and there are not any advertences or warnings in the MS Store, wow trusted people!

I read some about the Gamepass trouble, but I’m a PC user only, have not Xbox console, or the GAmepass to have access to other games.

But in fact the gold question is: users or FUNCOM itself, anyone know the way to do the reinstall from MS Store and mantain or recover the game progress?

Thanks in advance again.

Afaik the option to install via MS Store is gone and it now redirects you to XBox App. It was announced that there are improvements on Xbox app coming soon which will hopefully solve or at least help with this issue. I doubt that Funcom can do anything about it, they push the update but then it is out of their hands.



I saw some about that beta testing, but, sounds like ‘get Gamepass and be happy’. Gamepass have an aditional monthly fee to get access to many games, I have not idea if that fee is applicable too if you want to play only CE. In fact I bougth only CE and some DLC’s plus Siptah island.

By the way if I open the XBOX app, only can see the first game CE, they sold it like PC Xbox compatible.
Maybe Im wrong (I hope) but MS have his own politics about bussiness.
Sounds like we need in ‘still waiting’ status.

So mantain my ‘Gold question’ pending: Users or FUNCOM itself, anyone know the way to do the reinstall from MS Store and mantain or recover the game progress in single player?

Thanks anyway,


Do you have access to the local files and do you have a saved folder with game.dB in it? With the steam version the way is to copy the saved folder elsewhere and replace it once the new install is done. I am not using game pass so not sure if it works the same way or not.

Hi, Ty

Steam looks more friendly for customers/users.
What will I do:
Save a copy of the game db
Rename the original
Put the copied game.db and try to play.
If work, mean do the reinstalation from MS.
Cross my fingers and try to play again.

If not… bye MS STORE and go to STEAM
I saw here many procedures with sqlite to rename the signature from ms store game to steam

Keep in touch!

Happy (not at all) news!
I have bought the game again across Steam. After downloading, instalation etc. when I clicked play the game, attempting to star with the sadness generic error 0xc000007b. I’m feel frustrated.

My W10 looks healty (SFC… DISM) ok, NVIDIA last driver GTX 1650 ok, DX12 ok…
MS version of CE works friendly, but no updated.

Many people here use Steam so… any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Verify files, and check your mods.

Hey, wich files? Is a ‘virgin’ installation of Steam first and the game, have not mods of course.
The same game in from Microsoft Store run friendly.
FUNCOM I need a gift, have two versions payed with same game :slight_smile:

By the way I opened a new thread, cos this is another kind of issue.
Ty anyway.

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