Patching priority suggestion

Please pass this on to a decision maker. I think you guys need to stop wasting time working on patching console versions, and focus on PC platform. Instead of asking your player base…no…begging your player base to play test servers, try implementing fixes in smaller patches to the pc platform LIVE for testing.
That way if you need to make adjustments, you can do that before pushing it to consoles. I’d imagine patching the PC version is easier…less red tape, no?

Just a thought. The trend seems to be that you guys break as much stuff as you fix…why? because your patches are so big, so many changes…its too much for you guys to chew at once.

Smaller, more frequent patches…to a single platform LIVE. thats your testbed. Save yourselves time, heartache and criticism.

As a console player I have to disagree with your suggestion.

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Don’t misunderstand me. I’m saying they need to focus on patching one platform. Once they have solid fixes, they need to apply them to the others. It takes way more time to chase down the same bug on every platform, and even longer to get them cleared by Sony and microsoft. Unless the problem is platform specific, of course.

The consoles would still get regular patches. They would just get them shortly after they are released on PC and have had good stability checks. This means you might get fixes a little later, but the fixes would actually work and not cause more breaks in the process. It really wouldnt change anything. Instead of even having a testlive server, the PC version would be the test bed. This literally means NO change to console patching as of now, except the fixes would have far more stability checks. How is that not a good thing?

I get what your saying now, I think the devs are kinda going in this direction, since the 500+ patch was released on PC before they went on vacation and hasn’t hit consoles yet, it wont come to consoles (presumably) until sometime next month, hopefully with enough hotfixes to stabilize it.

Thats kinda what we’ve been getting, consoles are behind PC in patches by about 2 weeks it seems then we get a parity patch to bring us up to date with PC live, and occasional hotfixes to fix platform specific bugs.

I dont think they’ll get rid of Test live though, unless they can no longer get people to playtest on test live servers. Then again, I think the whole “Call to arms” thing was necessary to push the patch out because no one was playing Test live to begin with.

So food for thought anyways.

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