Patron subscription problem

Hi! I know it’s an old story but didn’t find any useful help, so: is there a solution for the former Funcom converted to Steam account patron subscribe error? Steam support says it’s on Funcom. I checked the Steam overlay several times. Reinstalled game and steam app. I could buy aurum in-game, but pushing the Patron subscribe button says: “Your Steam account cannot currently puchase this item.” Can you help me to solve this all-time-favourite problem? Funcom customer service ID: [Funcom Support #1159783] Thank you in advance!

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Forgot to mention, that i had patron previously, but cancelled it because is quit playing. I got back and converted the account to Steam. I heard this subscription cancelling can cause some trouble whrn trying to reactivate.

Still cannot subscribe. Any ideas on what i could do to solve this case? Where can i get help? More than a month passed now since i contatced the supports. What can the problem be? (except for the steam overlay… Don’t want to hear that the 1538462th time). Or just switch the patron on, and i send the cash to your account or whatever… I’m desperate

Has there been a reply to this, I am currently having the same issue attempting to subscribe (on a recently created Steam account. I have a ticket in as well.