Payed 1 Year, but still no Premium the second

The speed with which support inquiries are processed here is under all hell. I bought a year of Premium over 2 weeks ago, but it wasn’t unlocked due to an old failed payment. That’s why I started a ticket 2 weeks ago and started a thread here 8 days ago. So far there has been no reaction to either, which is an indictment of the support. The money was debited immediately, so I would also like to get the corresponding service. If neither the support nor AndyB react to this thread in the next 14 days, then I will contact my payment service provider and reverse the payment.

I have never experienced such poor service in 20 years of online gaming.


If you pull the payment, they will ban your account. It could take up to 2 months or more for a response.

I feel you there…I am (again) in the same situation as you, waiting for nearly two weeks now too - what Halfdead says is true, if you (rightfully) reverse the payment through your service provider, they will lock your account completely, so you have to (sadly) think about if you want your money back ASAP or at least play F2P until one of them can be bothered to provide 10 sec support on a ridiculous issue they have had for many years now…

yes, then the acc is locked.
if they can’t do it, then that’s it. I won’t go back.
At some point the point has come when it’s enough.

btw the ticket number is # 1161715


Is there any support?

Get vocal on there twitter account usually solves thins faster :wink:

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