[PC] 10x XP high gather PVP Lots of mods [Stable] Excellent Hardware Pippi Tele

DySTopia- 10X ALL 18+ PVP-Shops-Kits-sethome teleport

NO WIPES EVER - 70 Slots and plenty of hardware!

Server IP: ** **

Have you ever wanted to play hardcore pvp survival but instantly became anxious picturing hours of your hard work going up in flames when some malicious monster blows their way into your meticulously crafted castle and makes off with all of your hard-earned loot?

Well that is what a survival game entails, friend…

But what if recovering from even the most devastating raid was merely a setback? Or to the cunning and careful planner, a successful diversion?

What if you could play Conan in a competitive PVP environment and still have awesome added placeables to decorate your base and enjoy the aesthetics of what you’ve built so long as you can defend it?

–Welcome to DySTopia–

We feature:

-10x crafting speeds, harvesting rates and taming speeds – To get what you need to build big, or rebuild bigger!

-5x structure hp – even your first starter base will be a tough nut to crack.

-Paragon leveling up to lvl 300 with 10x XP rate – Why waste so much play time not being able to build what you want? Beyond level 60 you can keep pumping your stats, and paragon levels provide useful bonuses that increase in power as you progress.

-Set up a home location with /sethome to teleport back to your base – Who likes running all the way home from across the map because obelisks are only one-way? Not us. Oh yeah, there’s public-use maprooms at every obelisk too.

-Custom admin shops to purchase elite non-craftable gear with Pippi currency – Save up your allowance, get a job (exchange in-game materials for Pippi coins), and buy something nice for the next adversary that dares cross swords with you.

-Arena with high-difficulty NPCs – No-limits area where NPC kills grant Pippi wallet money. Not for the faint of heart!

-Tons of extra placeables, farming and Q.O.L. stations – Make your base look cool if you want to, or don’t if that’s not your thing. Build animal pens to passively farm resources.

-Active admin and mods – have a question, concern or idea? Someone will answer you PDQ.

-No Pay To Win – 'nuff said.

-There’s more– but this text wall is out of control already.

Server IP: ** **

(Near) Future plans:

-Custom Dungeons (first is near completion)

-Events (often in evenings - US time)

-Custom vendor for clan shopfront set up by Admin Completed, get your own customizable vendor at level 300 cap!

See you out there, Exile.

Discord Link:


OR discord.dystopiaservers.com

Server Name :: -DySTopia- 10X ALL 18+ PVP-Shops-Kits-sethome

Steam Group Page :: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/DyS(PM me on discord if you have any issues)

Mod List:

1597733772, Crafting EXP - Restoration Temp Mod
1185321962, LTs Compass (Minimap)
1427509507, Primal Armors
1393280692, Barbarism and armors
1565975019, Hyborian Body/Armor
1389021453, Slightly Less Thrall Placement Restrictions
1121057177, BBJigglePhysics
925197087, DyeMoreBetter
1138927186, Crassus
1210390760, LTs Farming
1503401924, Brewery Fixes for LT’s Farming
1583363587, Immersive Sexiles Server Mod
1583363587, Shendelzare’s Secret
1159180273,Fashionist 2.6.0 (1.0 and DLC Compatible)
1394768794, IMMERSE RP & Building Decor
1369802940, Emberlight 1.1.82
901911361, Glass Constructions and more…
880177231, Pythagoras
1402835318, WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
1509797057, Admin Skelos Collector for WARRIOR Mutator
1386650198, Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling
864199675, Pickup+
931088249, Better Thralls (Pickup & More followers)
1390768358, Exotic_Dancer_Thralls
884162441, LitMan Item Stack
880454836, Pippi-User & Server Management-v2.1.11
1503527082, All The Little Things