[PC] [25Active] [LFM] Need Citizens for Kingdom! RP-PVP

Is anyone looking for an RP server? I am a faction leader and I am looking to fill up the kingdom. In need of down to earth individuals who want to have a FUN RP experience. [Age of Calamitous Mod]

I need royal advisors, builders, grounds keepers, slavers/thrall keepers and much more!

Please comment or pm so I can send you details and you can try the server out!

hi I would like to join your server
my username in steam is persian_immortals ( my name there is Illusionist and I have an anime pic as my profile pic, a shinobi with a red scarf )

I’m interested :slight_smile:

Hi I’m am interested, specifcally in building, I am not familiar with the mod but I’m looking into it now and it looks really fun

What is server location and timezone?