PC - Age of War Chapter 4 Update Discussion Megathread

there is no selection or sorting by category, only highlighting, I also think that it was not worth breaking the inventory for this


The game keeps crashing to desktop after I command my thralls to follow me… Great new chapter update day as allways :-/

Dear Funcom , I’m over 40 and my eyes are fading - so I really don’t appreciate that everything in the inventory is in smaller letters.

I’ve come across so far:

  • “authentication failed” when I tried to log in , fortunately on the second try it worked
  • the horses/companions still don’t know where the floor is , the horse in the stables is still just a head in the floor
  • the inventory is weird
  • the new dyeing is annoying and slow
  • there seems to be less “fog” in the distance and you can see further
  • the rusted gauntles from the godbreaker set still can’t be painted
  • battlepass only let me buy it on the 3rd try , before that I got an error message - I hope I didn’t buy it 3 times and get banned for negative balance

edit - I can’t use the torch ( red mother) on the horse !!!

edit 2 - I had the game on the bar and when I came back I was almost dead and the werewolf was beating Lianelle , the companions were ignoring him despite the “aggressive” setting - just awesome

so far it looks like I can’t ride at night for the next 3 months ( until FC fixes it - if they do ) because I can’t see anything ( torch doesn’t work ) and I’m under attacks that thralls don’t respond to - just another “great” update

edit 3 rhino king counts only as WB , not giant creature ( i have both challenges at same time)


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É como eu disse, mesmo após atualizar para age of war 4 deve fazer verificação a todo tempo, funcom acabou de soltar mais de 6GB agora @Funcom_Community

I’m waiting on the authentication thing to be fixed so I can get the battle pass. other wise I have nothing to do.

… Another findup :rofl:
Those new updated tasks actually is worst than this chest glitch

Example : it says kill world boss creatures/ demons/ giants

Killed 30 giants only 2 counted and helmet one
Killed 15 bosses only 4 counted
killed damn 150 demons 0 counted…

Stop update this game and leave it to moders please, go work on dune then better… each update kills something and that crom coin regional still not normal, 1 full game cost less than stupid 4 skins for spider

Funcom sale : conan exiles 5$

Spider set 1899 cr ~ 15 $


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Você pode entrar usando IP do servidor em conexão direta na lista de servidores, porém não creio que a loja estará on-line 100%

I killed a 1skull stag and it worked

35 now theese and well you can see how much i got in screen…

And also they respawn like 5 min ( officials and singleplayer )

this even looks like there is cooldown on how it counts in…

could citate someone : “users pay, so its up to them how they finish it” but to me it looks liike challenges now are on cooldown , because to force play officials , cause even if using and trying it on singleplayer admin, result is same as in officials … just does not count, like count only each 10 kill…

Or i hope this is bug and will be fixed…

Yeah I’m also in Temple of Frost right now and I have to kill 5 giants , zero so far but it’s pretty dark inside and it’s snowing there (inside the building !)

edit -so I got 5 giant kills but only 3 in the first room and 2 at the boss counted, the rest didn’t

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Boss did not counted to me too… and i am even more on that they stop ever update this game, each major update actually ruins game, and to me its like well i rare play any game long , conan has 5000 hours and this is like godfather way now at " look how they massacre my game"…

Bat tower demon counts only as demonic animal ( only one worked to me )
(World bosses after more than 50 world boss kills it counted in as completed)
Giant creatures - random frost temple giants after more than 100 kills

  • bonus to everyone, now we can get 8 levels in battlepass ( looks like it ) in week ! what a great update…

Before get xp boosts and get 30 levels in week,
Now 8 levels in week as max from challennges

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is it me, or did they do something about the thirst?
I have to drink every 5 minutes, even in a cold environment, the thirst indicator drops faster than the fuel level in Formula 1.


The same here

I have reached level 9. However, I will wait a few days before logging into the game again. I’ve seen so many strange things happen in just over 30 minutes of play, that I’m worried that some bug might just disappear with gear that took me months to get.

All the fish caught can now be pressed for 1 oil a piece. Intentional? It was not in the patch notes.
Also the fish that could only be caught in an improved fish trap can now be put in a press for oil where before they could not. Intentional? It was not in the patch notes.


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A espada de CROM voltou a funcionar com seguidores porém levou um nerf muito considerado mas agora funciona…


And of course the Battle Pass is buggy! I’m immediately level 60 after logging in, but I can’t buy the battle pass or unlock anything. Just like the things in the bazaar. Purchase failed.

But at least my prediction was right…
Let us please try out things like Battle Passes and Bazaar transactions and items on the test server in the future.

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Uma vantagem dessa atualização Age Of War 4 é a opção “Fugir” que realmente funciona e seu seguidor fica correndo para não levar dano do inimigo, isso ajuda muito para quem ficava quebrando a cabeça por não saber controlar o seguidor que muitas das vezes era morto :sweat_smile:


items are not transferred to/from the chest when sorted by name if the client uses Russian (possibly any non-English) language

Unfortunately, that is a QoL “improvement” (apologies for the sarcasm). The shift-drag way of moving stuff was one of my most used features, one I shall sorely miss,

Regards, C.