[PC] Bug list after patch (Official Server #122)

  • Can’t place items in my own house. (Smelter, Armorer’s Bench, Artisan’s Worktable etc.). I am pressing left click and nothing happens.
  • Can’t build walls, ceilings in my own house. I always got an error message: “Failed to place building”.
  • Half of our items (Smelter, Blacksmith, Beds, Carpets, Chairs, Tables etc.) disappeared (or invisible?).
  • Our chests are disappered. (items inside the chest too)

I tried to relog, restart the client, but nothing helped.
Anyone else having these bugs?

[Xbox]Post update 33 - Server List Bug (FIXED)

All of the above on Server 403, though it was mostly storage we lost.


Loosing items is kind of “okay”… but unable to build things makes the game unplayable atm. :frowning:


Same issue. I suspect its happening when someone loads into an area for the first time after this patch. Dunno the cause, though I remember it being mentioned as a problem a couple times in Test Live threads.


Any solution for the problem?


Nope. Nothing short of a hotfix. But they’re still trying to figure out causes, so it isn’t going to be today.