[PC] Can't access to the selection list

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Freezes when trying to acces to the list
Server type: Pvp
Region: EU-FR


Since the last update, one of my players has not been able to reach the online server selection screen. He has played without trouble so far but since the last update it has been impossible to go far to the menu screen to join multiplayer sellection list.

The game freezes as soon as he clicks “multiplayer” on the menu screen. Unable to reach to the next screen for selecting online servers.

Step where it freezes :

I don’t have access to the technical data from my player’s system but I know he has:

  • checks the game files several times
  • Uninstalled the game
    Empty the cache
  • Reinstalled several times
  • Tried Solo it’s ok
  • Video driver is ok

Nothing worked.
I read that it could come from a conflict with a windows update, a problem with the redshell.dll file and a lot of other things…

Do you have any idea where this might have come from?


seems there are different players having this issue.

And yes, started with a recent past patch. I didn’t experiment it myself, but i know several players plagued by it. Hope there will be a fix very soon !

See also this tread :


Sometimes during the loading of the server list the game freezes, it is impossible to leave the game, and you have to restart the computer. It started after the last big patches.

A mod doesn’t cause the freeze BEFORE the selection but AFTER selected a private server.

Here, we can’t even sellect the page.

Thanks i will check it right now maybe some found something.

no answer from anyone of the Funcom staff… Do they care after all ?

Have someone find anything as a solution ?

I add a detail discovered by one of my players.

Some of the connection impossibilities (I am not talking about the one described at the top of this workstation but another of another type) can be overcome by letting the connection be made in the background. If the game is opened in the main screen it seems that it freezes and exceeds the connection time.

We still don’t know where this may come from because some other players have no problems of any kind.

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Some news here ?


Need to go in the ctrl+alt+del to access the “killing” programs box…

I think I have the same issue, the online servers don’t load in any longer for me, and can’t reach them through steam as well. And yes, it was perfectly fine for me as well before the last patch, what supposed to fix some issues on the Halloween patch

I will ask on my side if those problems are solved too.

Seams to be ok on our side too about that !

But still have players who can’t acess to the server selection list and even the multiplayer option…

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