[PC] Fall Damage removes elixir buffs

Platform: PC
Game mode: Official Testlive Singleplayer
Version: 95349/17735
Problem: Bug

When a player has taken an elixir to increase a stat by 3 points, upon taking fall damage, the buff is removed. It no longer appears in the top left buff list, its +3 stat points is removed when checking the attributes and the effect that those points would have (eg doublejump for full agility) is gone. When taking fall damage, a mesage “stopped bandaging” appears top right.

short video displaying it: https://youtu.be/buCg_6LQsqc

Repro steps:

  1. play singleplayer
  2. apply elixir of grace
  3. jump off a sufficient height to take fall damage
  4. see message “stopped bandaging” and watch the buff be removed.

I’ve got an older bug report up for this. Any damage cancels all buffs. This started with the last patch that revamped healing.