PC gamers only: Please, give me 3 reasons why I should invite friends to play CE?

I am stuck with the building aspect of the game and I see my friends who used to play Skyrim. I’m on the edge because I have very limited experience playing beyond single player and I do not want to upset my friends if the PC aspect of the game is truly a stinker. Given the mixed reviews I am under the impression that most of the complaints come from console players? If you can give me 3 good reasons I can use to help invite my friends to play this game - - it will make me happy? If you cannot recommend this game, please give reasons why I should not invite friends to play CE? Much thanks ahead of time.

Edit: What do my friends like? My friends like their pets. They will play the fierce warrior and explore the world with their canine. Hunting bosses for the best items and enjoying the scenery. I guess that is role playing. Everyone wants to be a Conan? Given that Skyrim is only single play, I am not sure about other forms of RP. Maybe in other games it would be more 1st person shooter PvP, Overwatch, Quake, Doom, etc. I never played much of those other games so, I cannot detail what they liked about them. Mainly, the love for the fantasy genre will sell the game to them but the terrible ratings have kept them away from playing CE. Metacritic gave the game awful reviews and that keeps them far and away. http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/conan-exiles

This is why I need to convince them that the game is worthwhile. We have always wished that Skyrim could be a multiplayer game and the story being interesting there cannot be too bad here coming from a classic author but I have to argue against all those critics to show the light. What is the light - the amazing fun and new parts of the game that make the story so worth spending hours of time getting lost in? What makes CE such an awesome and beautiful adventure game and what makes it standout?


I would have to say that the coolest thing is when you first enter this game online…at first its like any other single player start…until you see the odd player who just started the game laying asleep a few feet ahead…your like of there’s sleeping character. Its funny but you your like eh whatever. Then an hour in you see player made structures all around…a sandstorm brews off in the distance and someone in chat is like SANDSTORM!!!you run like hell to find shelter only to find out your house is so far away…Then a player says to come into theirs and you two wait the storm out together. After a bit you find players to quest with build bases with and all sorts of things…There is no 3 things in this game that you can say to just bring your friends into this game. The building is by far the best part of this game…The epic boss fights are great and when they do release taming into the game it will be more to do. This game is both good in single player(due to the fact they allow mods and almost all are great and alot of fun) and in multiplayer


Its a fun game, friend joined and he is hooked big time now.



The pace of Skyrim, what For honor should have had for combat management (on PC so mouse/keyboard), the craft of Minecraft (“diamonds” just fall from the sky ^_^), Conan’s Universe. If you want to combine all these, then play Conan Exiles :slight_smile:


In spite of all the bugs, it is fun to play. Just try to imagine how much better it could be once (if?) all those annoying bugs are sorted out.


Has some good mods

Nah, I wont give you 3 reasons.
Not before you tell what you and your friends expect…

Is building and decorating the most fun to your or your friends? You might enjoy this game a whole lot. (Another game I can recommend is “Wildstar” but mostly for its housing (=building+decorating) because is even waaaaaay more creative. Ever thought of 3D Labyrinths made from glass? I never finished mine. :smiling_imp:

Are epic fights you and your friends are after? You might be disappointed in this game at its current state, but I bet it will be way more interesting once the bosses got a few combat updates. (Like those AoEs)

Is the survival aspect most fun to you guys? Well, the first half of the game might be serving this, but at least at lvl 60, surviving isnt a struggle. (Due to certain perks.)

Combat? Well, it had these light and heavy attacks I got to know in Skyrim (holding a button to deliver heavy strikes), but now it got changed to nicer animations and stuff. Not bad, but its all plain clicky clicky now. (You will want to get to know all weapons though!)

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I’ve been playing Conan Exiles almost exclusively for the past year and a half. There are times when the server is slow, and we can build our dream bases and naked dancer thrall harems, and there are times of war where we have to fight to defend or seek and destroy rival player/clans bent on toppling our empire. It’s lots of fun, and I feel I got more than my money’s worth out of playing.

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It is best to wait. There are dozen’s of reason not to buy it.
Even if you ignore the bugs and glitches the game is awful in the current state. I would not pay more than $10 for a game like conan exiles unless there is a huge turn around which is unlikely because it is funcom.It seems like they really did just make the game as a last ditch effort to avoid being another THQ by taking advantage of steams early access program which is abused by certain developers who want to get way with producing bad or unfinished games because lots of conan feels bare minimum. It is just too sloppy and unfinished. The game feels like a early alpha test game because lots of things seem unfinished or pointless. So far building is the only thing that is passable in my opinion.
It seems poor from the very first moment you join a server with that god awful character creation system. Like it has “races” but none of the options have any gameplay effects and gives no unique appearances options and all head options are the same with every skin tone being different shades of brown so no nords. The race selector is literally pointless. The physique slider also does not do what it says, it just changes bump textures so everyone still has the same body.
Also the combat is not very good, the archery in particular is horrible right now for many reasons, you can’t farm animals yet, the thrall system is forced down your throat by locking away certain recipes which makes unlocking the skill pointless, you cannot ride animals, and there is no sorcery because apparently the game developers don’t have a visual effects person which makes no sense (trying to imaging ubisoft, EA or bethseda saying they cannot have something in their games because they lack a artist…It would be very odd.)

Wait for patches or a price drop.

  1. Best Combat System of the Survival Genre. Seriously, every other game is just left mouse clicks. Combos really made this game’s combat a ton more fluid and diverse.
  2. Sword and Sorcery. Everything else is modern/post-apocalyptic.
  3. Despite some weird bugs, the game actually pretty solid in performance. This is assuming you’ve got a decent non-potato rig.

Over all I’ve got 1200 hours played since December. I’ve only recently not been playing it as much due to some other games and expansions hitting. But I do plan to come back.

But @Vejadu we do need more info on what your friends like. Are they into RP stuff, building, are they not afraid to lose everything in a single encounter (aka PVP). Things like that.


This game was so much better just 2 months ago. I remember playing thinking this is kinda buggy I hope they can iron out the kinks. I quit pretty much at the start of July because it just wasn’t playable anymore. How are you suppose to build a fort when you can’t get resources because the hits don’t register…Oh wait a mammoth just WARPED on my head and now I’m dead. The decay timers shouldn’t even be a consideration since after every patch your fort is probably missing pieces or is litterally GONE. I tired to play again 2 weeks ago and lasted maybe 5 min before I LOLed and got out of their. Currently I am playing Banner saga 3 and what a fresh breath of air with no BUGS on a FINISHED game!

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but BS3 is a differant style of game alltogether.

I would have said 1. game is fun but right now that would be a lie.
2. Worth the price that it is (erm that would be a lie too right now, wouldnt even be happy if it was free in its current state).
3. would put plenty of time into it hmmm maybe fix teh damn broken game 1st as it was soo much better before that mega patch hit and broke everything

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Make a private server for you and your friends, if you want a good lagfree experience. I don’t recommend official servers due to them being clogged by buildings, griefers, toxic people and choosing a private server is hard if owned by someone else since they can shut the server down at any time.

With your own server you can also mod it to your liking, adding buildings, features and such not included in the default game.



As you’re aware, building in Conan Exiles is superior, and when you’re good at it, relatively glitch- or annoyance-free. For as open a world as we have, we have almost as open a building system.

Combat looks awesome. If you know how to fight, and let the game show you each weapon, you can get some epic kills/combos and interesting fighting, even if it’s vs environment. As you progress on 1X, each weapon begins to shine a little bit more until you’re exposed to all of them. By necessity, you really need to learn the mace, for example. Not so much the hammer, but when it becomes available at a high damage, it starts looking attractive. It’s not perfect, but Funcom has really listened to players who want good combat, good-looking combat and natural weapons’ progression.

If you play chess or if you play Age of Empires, within that basic ruleset, you know you must make strategy your number 1 priority. The ruleset in Conan Exiles is a little fluid at this stage. Thus you can’t rely on one strategy, or even a go-to strategy without testing it first. For instance, you can’t build your ice palace with the hopes the bitter environment will help protect you. It won’t. You must exploit it, in combination with other tactics. If your friends prefer a solid set of rules and balance, they may be disappointed, because we are evolving right now.

Finally, a stand-out aspect of play is the thrall mechanism. There are few things more satisfying than strolling through Sepermeru with a tough guy behind you, with two two-man clans on either side. Nobody wants to make a move because the last guy who tried, died to the very same thrall. And it was hilarious. When they work, thralls become companions and essential bodyguards for solo players. I’m not saying they have this capacity in my imagination: thralls used to be very reliable.

I suggest getting the game sooner than later. If your buddies adopt it earlier they’ll get a better understanding before the next wave of players comes along. This is a complex game if you get into it, and takes a bit of time to master. Hope your friends join you!


Barnes puts it perfectly. This game is great…The designers made a game they would themselves enjoy and that really shows TBH. Not to mention they are far from done adding FREE content to the game…Creature companions, new dungeons to explore, a and new god to worship. The Funcom twitch stream also dabbled at Mount systems. All content aside from cosmetic building blocks, armor, and weapons are completely free. Your friends might also be inclined to pick up the cosmetic packs as they are only ten dollars and look amazing. You can do everything in the game without them tho.


Best game I ever played out of all the survival game.


I picked up CE in the monthly humble bundle for $12. I don’t think i would pay more than $25 even though I really like this game. I play solo, always have been a solo player, even in my 5 years playing WOW. I occasionally play with a few friends, but hard to coordinate time together. It is a grind if you play alone, but rewarding. I think i would despise playing on a PVP server due to being solo and a new target for the PVP players. With a bigger group, more than 3 or 4, You would probably reach the end game and get bored quickly without PVP. But, if you like building and want to make your own fancy city, it would still take a while, you would enjoy the game, and have plenty of hours played for the money.

If you are looking for a good survival and crafting game I think it is excellent. the only draw back is needing to use a wiki to know how to craft most items. When you make a crafting station, it displays only the basic items you can craft: Furnace shows fuel+ironstone= Iron bars, It never displays other items made at the furnace, like what is needed to make steel bars using the iron bars. Most craft stations show Fuel+something and fuel could be bark, wood, coal, oil. All of those seem to work fine when you need something to burn, which is nice once you know that and don’t think it is only wood. Part of crafting games in general I guess.
I like that you need to go capture higher tiered thralls to craft the higher tiered items, but can be frustrating to also need to spend your feat points to learn how to make the items and then realize you need a higher tiered thrall. It part of the game though and you adapt. :slight_smile:

For a small group of players, i think there is plenty to do with dungeons and exploring, along with a good variety of creatures and their different attack styles, elephants stomp, tigers leap around, rhinos charge, etc…

I have 58 hours played and I am at lvl 33 with most crafting stations and a temple built. I basically have to rotate my play time from gather\craft, explore, hunt\dungeon, build, or simply learn more about game so I can progress in the journey quests\achievements.

I have used mods for easier\better build piece placement, pick up stations or building pieces so I don’t have to destroy them and craft new, map coordinates, and the most important, Shutup mod that stops the drum like sound every time you cursor of an item in your inventory, craft station or your feats. I don’t use any other mods to harvest more\faster or carry more, etc… I also play the base mode with no purge or building decay, it would be impossible to keep up any kind of base or survive a purge solo, IMHO.

If your friends like gathering, crafting, and building, it is a great game. For a survival game, it is a great game. For PVE, so far I think it is a great game. I can’t comment on PVP.

Gandalaug…if your looking for any advise or guides look no further then some youtubers who helped me out a ton. Sven P is building genius and if you ever want inspiration on any building hes your guy. He also does live streams and responds to all his comments. Firespark81 has the best guides that Ive seen on youtube regarding CE. He goes into detail with all his guides and covers pretty much everything. Just Horse is the third on my top three for CE youtubers. His videos are fast but detailed. He also covers all the game has to offer.

I agree with @Talu

if you make yourself a private server for you and your friends Conan is a lot of fun with a lot less of the stress the problem is if your friends like to have PvP then this is in my eyes the worse option.

I played with a friend long time on a private server ark and switched now to conan. And the building and decorating aspect of the game (basic game, no bought dlc and no mods) is already great which can be upped by the community mods even more, but with that you’ll risk a loss of your building once the mod is not supported anymore.

if you like PvE Conan has a nice fighting system and in the beginning a nice surviving aspect. It has a nice way to tell you that you are in the wrong area too. It kills you with mobs that are crazy :slight_smile:

On our private server we seem to be lucky because a lot of the points other people complain about is not happening with us. The thralls are fighting the purges are coming and in another thread I figured out with help of the community even how to change the purge type :slight_smile:
Using no mods (we once had one in Ark which got one time not supported and we lost our complete base) we are even quiet safe that our bases which we build will remain intact unless a bloddy purge would be too strong for us.

some of my friends joined us on our private server and are enjoying the relaxed life with no politics and very little lag due to many buildings/Thralls. But like mentioned before. the friends who like PvP will not make it to us :slight_smile:

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Here is my Three reasons, 1. You are trying to get rid of that friend so recommend to them a useless, broken, bug-ridden heap of a game. 2. Your friend has too much money and to save their soul from damnation you suggest they waste some on CE. 3. You enjoy watching others suffer and derive pleasure from seeing them wait months for gamebreaking bugs to be fixed. :slight_smile: