PC gaming? Sorta new to it. So Kinda Lost

Asking here in general, as I feel its more a rando talk… then PC only question.

I just got my PC Gaming Rigged other day…(well few days) And got it set up. (personal x-mas present)

So to put all of this in Frame… Gamer since Atari. I never got into PC gaming.

Till Lineage I… then LotrO. 1st PC, was Dial Up days, 128chip sets… Then got a 3gb with plug in video card and DSL. (back when Numbers were easy read, and figure out) Now they got letters… and different brands.

Gaming Laptop got turned into work lap top… (only I-core 5…didnt wanna melt it)
That 3gb PC I had… Started on Fire, Not like “ha ha smokes coming out of it, thats not really on fire!”

Any whos…
Intel i7 11700F - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB - 480GB SSD + 1TB HDD. (with plently of slots for another SSD, Vid card, and memory etc)
I saved abit of money not going for 12gb gaming card… (almost 800…)(I got the 4k UHD Mointer, but I do not need 4k textures to be happy, just solid FPS and play ablilty)
I’ve read reviews… looked it up, shopped around. Told it would do this and this. 5* reviews, nothing else.

I’m a Console gamer… not a PC gamer. The RTX2060… is just random letters and numbers to me.
The I-core 7… is just… /shrugs.
game wise
LotrO isnt a next gen game…its 12+ year old game. That doesn’t push even my laptop.

Ark Survival Evolved , Every things on Epic… runs great, I turned Shadows to med, Heat off back is a lite breeze after 4 hours. (nicely vented rigged0

insert alot of games I own on PS4… wont buy on PC.
But, I love Conan, And I love Conan Exiles…
And Conan Exiles is on sale… 14.99… Bundle with Spitah for 28$, Most of dlc is 7.99 (minus new one…XD)

I own everything on Ps4. (but 2 small dlc’s…)

Devs pointed out in a few thread, about how resource heavy CE is.
Handful of mods, that look great… (I got list of think 4 or 5, another 12 that are defunk or not updated anymore) Its not really Selling me to buy it.

Just at a Cross roads if I should buy it… again… a 3rd time.
I own NA Copy and 3 of dlc’s…(which do not work with PAL Version)
Then Got PAL Copy (import…expensive) and all DLC’s… which also require UK PSN…which makes DLC costing me almost 14$ us, to there normal 7-10$. Along with Spitah and New one.

I would need… 30$, + 7.99 x3, + 9.99 to be semi happy… I can let go few of DLCs I owned, (as there some nice Mods to replace them)

Not sure if I should… or if my New PC will play it any better then my PS4 (which has a SSD) Cause… last few patches… need patches to fix patches… and its still broken. I bought Spitah and new DLC, Havnt touched them. Logged in, base fell apart in SP, Didnt touch EVENT. Just so done with bad Console Updates.

I’d love to keep playing… BUT…I’d hate to Give Funcom more money(Cause, already own it twice, not cause I hate them =), for a better version of a game I own 2 copies of.

YES YES… its Christmas and Sera is Rambling… She didn’t get any of games she wanted, (yays, stuff being sold out, and me being a DISC over…)

How good is my rigg for CE?
I need a push off fence into Lava… or into pillow pile.

I never get what i want… and Always make “good choices” that turn into bad decisions.


Several games I’d buy on Steam… I can’t seem to pull the Trigger, cause Not sure what this PC will do.
I know for a fact it’ll play these games…but as a Console Gamer… I know squat about PC these days.



It should handle ultra settings just fine. Maybe dome on cinematic. Only one question I have based on your comments: desktop of laptop? If laptop, get one of those cooling pads ( a cheap one with fans is fine) as a laptop will throttle the cpu if it gets hot. If a desktop, no worries; it’ll do CE great.

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Desktop Tower, Got a vent on top, Power supply got huge fan to itself, Card has its 2, and 1 on back of tower.
Got 3 in front, (with rainbow lights…)
Ark on Epic, it blows on a lite warmth. Even after few hours. Its diffidently seems to be holding.

I’m little mad its abit of a Load PC, I play mostly with headphones, So don’t notice it really.

It will probably run Conan great then. Big fans will keep it nice and cool so you can crank up the graphics.

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I’m not savvy enough to comment on the technical stuff, but in my experience if you can run Ark on good settings then you should definitely be able to run Conan.

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  • The 2060 is a decent 1080p card. It struggles at higher resolutions. It is not a match for a 4K monitor.
  • The 11700 is fine for all games. Even heavy turn-based games.
  • 16GB System RAM is the sweet spot for gaming currently.
  • 480 GB SSD is about right for your OS if you actually use the OS much. If you don’t then put your favorite one or two games on it too.
  • 1TB HDD is too small if you’re into gaming. I would recommend selling it while it’s new and getting something closer to 8TB.

You can tune your system and game settings and have fun, yup - sure!

Merry Christmas!


Ya, but its Lord of the Rings Online yo! Fist bump for a fellow LOTRO player.

Anyways, everybody else already responded with just about everything I would have said. The only thing I would add is to try and target installing Conan Exiles on an SSD if possible. ESPECIALLY if you plan on using mods. Hard drives aren’t that expensive anymore though (well, they might be more expensive now with how everything in computer tech is seeing a bump in price). Look for sales on a nice Samsung SSD (1-2TB’s) and enjoy.

That said Conan Exiles isn’t required to be on an SSD, plenty of people play it on a normal HDD (and even use the dev kit on an HDD, which I just shiver at that thought). But I can’t recommend it enough.


Steam is currently having a holiday sale. You can literally pick up games for under $2 right now. So you’re definitely going to have some fun times ahead.

One game I could recommend (besides CE of course) is Phasmophobia. It may not show up on Steam if you have VR content turned off. Don’t let that deter you, its not just for VR (it primarily plays well in non-VR, though its next major update will be for VR players). Its a Ghost Hunting game where you need to survive while trying to find evidence of paranormal activity and identify the entity haunting the residence.

Very simple game. Doesn’t require any twitch skills or anything, so its pacing is quite slower. But its a blast to play with friends or even strangers (I do recommend using their official discord to find games, and they’re always people to find to play there across the globe).

Its not one of my main games. But its one of my major ‘side’ games if I just want to play a few games. A typical game lasts about 15-20 minutes. So you can play for a bit, then logoff and still feel like you’ve done something.

It is an early access game. But even a year ago (before it had all the new goodness added) it felt like a complete game. And its got way more coming. So I highly recommend it.

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So I love my PS4 and until recently I hadn’t come to a realization. I have a 1060 for my main gaming rig, yet Red Read looks so good I almost want to slap myself for having played on the PS4 for so long. I mean it.

I started playing Conan Exiles as the first PC game since GTA3. Some other players, like @biggcane55 don’t like mixing PC with pleasure, and I was feeling a bit like that. The PS2, PS3 and PS4 experience were all good, clean and relaxing.

In other words, when it comes to Conan I’ve been spoiled by the PC. Attempting to adhere to the PS4 and play Conan has actually denied me the pleasure of the beauty of the game. I thoroughly value the PvP spirit of the PS, but the gameplay really lacks due to the missing stunning images your PC can provide.

Please ask a pal to stuff your stocking with both titles.


Thats my thing with PC… always had sit in office chair and play at a desk, on a fat little screen or 720-1080 screen. Its never that enjoyable.

I enjoy sitting in my Sofa, playing on my 27inch tv, (don’t really have room for anything bigger)

So happy to have set up next to TV, and I can sit in my normal chair and play.

Interesting, It seems to be fine so far, (think its at 3900x w/e res) Thou, I’ve rarely ever had Ark even dip on ps4… I doubt, outside some 4k uhd blue rays, Would I ever play a game that high.

If I pull trigger on CE, Likely only set draw distance out max, and leave anything else at med or high. XD
Ps4 version was fine looking, just pop up sucked alot of times.
Thou… finding good screen caps of Body Mods… seems to suck.

I know there some window setting i’m suppose mess with, to get more out of it. can’t seem to find that thread…

I’d beg anyone whos plays on HDD, to get a M******* F******* SSD. XD
PC may run it better, so HDD isnt as bad… I got 2 ps4 in my house, I have compare SSD to HDD one. And… I feel bad for anyone trying play it that way.

I seen few YT’s play it. VR isnt my thing. It looks fun thou.
If I ever did get VR…it be cause Silent Hill/PT finally got done.

Souls games are a win… I own them all, But Elden Ring… Thats was a ps5 title I wanted) Might nab PC version (only 45gb)
Surv games with open worlds are nice. Rust seems abit… clunky?
I do not care for PVP. (If I’m gonna pvp. I’ll pop in COD-MW or BF)

Always wanted play Escape from Tarkov… again, seems be PVP heavy.

Elen to Arkenstone. Thou havn’t played in a few months…
I really need to see How my RK and Hunter are doing…

You don’t need VR to enjoy it. I don’t even have VR.

Yeah, like I said, you can negotiate your way to a playable game NP. The 2060 is more powerful than any of the current consoles. GamersNexus did an indepth evaluation and comparison a few months back when the new consoles came out. They concluded that they were about on par to a GTX 1650 and in some games a 1050. Console owners will likely argue but I think they actually can’t be certain because many of the beauty features and graphic options are limited or omitted for the console versions of the game in too many instances.

Another thing people miss is that while this was not always the case, for most AAA games being played today there is just not that much difference visually between medium, high, and ultra settings. It’s a game by game case but overall this is an established fact. So unless you have bionic eyes and spend your entire game experience pixel-peeping, just set the settings to where you can get a good frame rate to match the monitor you’re playing on. You’ll be happy and will be able to enjoy the game just fine!

I thought this might go there when I read Multigun’s response. I did an indepth comparison with over 60 games comparing the difference between game load times and game play on PCIe4 NVMe vs. SSD vs HDD RAID0 vs HDD. The results are in a video somewhere (not my video) on YouTube but the findings were:

  • NVMe vs SSD
    Less than one second difference in load times on average and zero difference in game play.
  • SSD vs HDD RAID0 (Two 7200 RPM Drives)
    There was a average of 7.6 seconds in load times and zero difference in game play - not even loading screens when going from zone to zone or map to map.
  • SSD vs HDD
    There was 15 seconds difference in load times and yet again zero difference in game play. The longest IIRC was 1.5min difference but was a definite outlier. Almost all games were showing the mean average of 15 seconds.

Games are not like the Windows operating system that depends on and processes, hundreds of thousands of disk based small files during operation. So for sure the OS benefits greatly from having an SSD - less so an NVMe over SSD if at all. And for games, well if 15 seconds is no big deal to you then just buy whatever is the cheapest per gigabyte.

Also to mention is that only one game was compared with and without plugins. It was ESO with 12 plugins vs ESO with no plugins. There was a 4 second difference during character load, no difference during game load, and no difference during game play.

Also, also… No consoles were tested so I have no idea what difference would be revealed there. Likely the same as on PC but that’s a guess. This is slated to potentially change with “Direct Storage” coming into play though.

VR is so radically different it’s really hard to compare to flatscreen gameplay. What is fun on one often fails to be so on the other. What works on one often doesn’t on the other. One thing is pretty cool about VR tho; it’s just such a different and new experience… which creates the condition for all of the emotions that might trigger in a person. Remember the 1st time you went to Disneyland, or the first time you played a video game, where here it is again - on steroids. :wink:

I own 2TB HDD, My Brother has a 1tb. (Higher RPM) I have 1tb WD Black SSD. (external) (as from what I learned, doesnt matter)

With SSD
In COD-MW, I can load in before other users. I can win a round do to this. Main menu and clicking thru maps and classes doesnt pause the game.
HDD during Bots, game notable stops when one of player go switches classes mid game.
SSD, during bots, there slight skip. But nothing that really get you killed.

BF and Destiny force everyone to load in. As MW, just counts down from 20 and attempts to load people in. XD

During Co-op. (SSD) guns actually load during co-op, So you can actually see them. Compared to building a class with black screen were gun is.

FO76. Loads were about 50-70seconds on HDD, SSD, there about 10-15seconds. (few areas with alot of player will, still take about 10+ seconds to finish loading player as you move about.

I stop getting magic popping enemies with SSD.

SBQ event, (fo76)
HDD, Alot of player… Alot of Lag, and alot of players being invisible as they fire weapons. Notable Lag when arriving to event. (crashed ps4 several times)
SSD, 3-4 player will be “skipping” about. And Queen is shootable almost rightaway. Small Lag when Arriving to event in progress. (have yet to crash the ps4)

MHW, Under 20 sec load times, game doesnt “skip a beat” when having 3 Large Monsters in area. Doesnt skip when 8 Lrg bombs go off.
Map Zones load in really quick.

Cyberpunk, HDD… just so god awful…Pop up is bad,
SSD, Pop up just kinda goes away.

Skyrim SE and Fallout 4, Can rarely read load screens.

CE, Start up Load, is notably lower, But Overly large bases, do add to it. CE…even with SSD, likes place player, before they have control. (so weather and enemies can get free hits even with an SSD)

I find my Bases Load better, But texture pop up when turning camera is just as bad as HDD.
Enemy Pop up is almost non-existant on a SSD.

Diablo III, Rrrrrr… It lags abit when alots going on. (Compared to HDD, which lags to) Its fairly quick loading game.
THOU… I get to play 4 player couch co-op alot!, and SSD helped alot there.

Souls and alot of other games, Load times are 10-15seconds, down from over a Min. Not much differnce gameplay wise.

Minecraft, Does not like SSD… It gets weird moments when its auto saving the world, and lags game for 3-5 seconds.
I put game back on hDD, and it went away.

Anyway… odd issue with my PC…
My PC has 1TB HDD, thou can’t seem to get steam to install games on it… Wont let me install anywere but steam folder. -_-’

I can move pictures there, and even till them save there. O_o’ But not games…

To move a game to another folder:



To DL to a new or different folder:



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When i hit Ok,
Steam just re pops the Steam Folder to its default spot.
I’ll have double check, incase I miclicked something.

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The steam folder may be on C: but your game library on another drive. Maybe this is what you are seeing?

My 2c on the discussion about buying CE again. If you still enjoy the game, go for it. Buy the base game and 1-2 DLCs you love the most (no need to get IOS). Then go for steam mods (not nexus). If you are tired of the base map, check Savage Wilds or even mods like AoC and/or EEWA. Get some of the QoL of life mods e.g by Multigun and Testerle (LBPR, Unlock Plus). Get one-two for char customisation, get some building ones and Pippi. Make sure you are using ones that are maintained, if you are unsure post your list in Players Helping Players, we can take a look.

If you run well known and maintained mods, you will have a completely different experience. I am mostly using QoL mods and I can tell you they make such a huge difference that I will probably never play the base game again. Give it a try, you may be surprised.

EDIT: If you decide to buy the game again and play modded, let us know. I will DM you some mod suggestions based on your preferences.


What a cool person!!!

CC me that list if you do… :slight_smile: But don’t bother on only my account. I would like to try some day but prolly not for awhile…


I picked up CE/IoS Bundle for 28$, I got to 5th to get DLC on sale. (which is really only Stables for lattice, Derkito for tree placements. And Aqu for my light armor and chair…

So far… 2.7 seems to have killed alot of mods.

3 Dark Forest versions… So not to sure.
Dudes Decos all seem to be defunk as of 2.7.
Northern Timber (1st dowload)
Exile Architect (2nd) One I wanted ported to ps4…(alot of us did)

Thats 2 that work.

Body Mods… Couldnt find any new hairs under hairs…
Aqu Body…looks, ugh… High fantasy hour glass.
Wounder Body looks pretty human, thou none of screen shots help. End it has 2 other Mods as requirment. (one is a replace of armor, Which I have 0% interest in losing defaults)
Nice High rez one on Nexus went poof… (figures)
same issue as other games…Mods for Big Butts and Big Tiddies everywhere, nothing for normal human making. XD

Several mods in Fashion menus… (really intrested in editing Crafting thralls ) I could care less about me.

Light Power Stones seems like a win, but again 2.7 seems to have broken it. (people in comments may just be dumb, as per the Norm XD)
Kinda Figure there would have been more lantern or light source mods.

Immersive Armors looks good, couple that look neat… wish It had better screen shots.

Likely gonna stick to Exile lands… New map mods don’t interest me to much right now. (hence why Dark Forest seemed like simple one.
I have yet to play Isle of Spitah,…despite now owning it twice. T_T

QoL Wise… Didn’t really find any mods. (or they did extra things I have no interest in)

Its hard to think of QoL, Been playing s4 version since Day 1… so just gave up after multi-request for stuff never happen. XD

tree placement, most seem to be defunk with 2.7 test run few of them, all crash game on start up.
Shame i really was looking forward to Dudes Decos and Gardner ones. =/

Barbarian Barber may have what you’re looking for (but I’ve never used it, so I don’t know how up to date it is).

Immersive Armors is great - still constantly expanding with new cool stuff (and does have a couple of belt lanterns - though not especially bright). I find it works nicely with Fashionist (which allows full editing of thrall appearances - followers and crafters) (full editing within the normal body shape).

It’s worth being aware that at least some full body mods have problems with normal game armors - so may not be able to use dlc armors or Immersive. If I remember correctly, I believe @KorgFoehammer may have managed to solve that for his body mod (ESAV?)

Northern Timber is gorgeous, and regularly updated, so should be solid for a while to come.

I’m surprised to hear Dude’s hasn’t been updated - Dudes…2 only just came out, so I’d have thought they’d be updating for a while yet - it may just be they haven’t had time right now.

For a good decor alternative (that I know has just been updated) you might like Savage Steel - lots of different placeables, with many nice storage options (barrels, jars, sacks, cloth bales, woodpiles, bundles of sticks etc). And also has several placeable trees (though admin spawn only).

I’d say my primary QOL mod is LBPR - but after so long without it maybe it feels less needed for you - Pythagoras Support Beams allow some cool building options impossible in the base game.

One key point with mods is the importance of the order they are added - the steam page for LBPR gives a very good guidance list that it is strongly advised should be followed. That said, if you’re testing them one at a time and they’re not working, then that definitely sounds like problems with the specific mods.

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Ark, basically nude body 1st, then any other that request top billing. Fairly easy to figure out.
I’m never a person to have 100+ mods… Load order likely wont be issue. (thou fashion and LitteQOL or w/e if twas called seem to have other mods needed.)

5+…that do what i want. I’ll add 1-2 as they come/or find them. Mostly just tweaks I feel are needed.

Once I feel settled in, I restarted game and play Happily.

Havn’t found any that alter Stability… Thou, I figure danger there is…one update will break it, and logging in to base breaking apart.
So not much differnt from ps4… HA HA…