PC Hotfix (13.05.2020) - Server stability fixes, follower fixes and more

oh I forgot … still no health bar for thralls and pets mumbles -.-


Yeah my players apprised me that an update was pending for our server as well, so I came here hoping to see what was up. :slight_smile:

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Would be nice if they would share what this patch patched, lol.

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Hey everybody,

We sent a small patch that does nothing else than bringing up the revision number to be on par with other platforms (consoles got today their parity patch that included an extra fix that does not apply to PC, hence the need to bump the rev #).


good evening, after the patch of May 13 I managed to join the co op part of my brother from the first try for 2 days. Then it started again, I had to try non stop to join the game for 20-30min to successfully join. And tonight, after 45 minutes of testing, impossible to join! :frowning: This problem is really persistent and ruins the gaming experience

This error just happened on our server… Any chance we’ll get some more server stability patches anytime soon?

Has anyone noticed any issues with followers disappearing, to then receive a message that they died since this hotfix? A few players on my server have reported this. I experienced it myself. I was out with a T3 Bearer gathering wood. I heard him ‘hup’ and turned around to find him gone. I tried commanding him, teleporting to different spots, running away from the area where he disappeared, hoping he would just teleport back to me. I then got notification about a minute later that he had died. We are running mods that affect followers. Better Thralls, Thrall Wars, and Emberlight.

I wanted to check here, before going to the mod developers to see if anyone else had noticed this with or without those mods.

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It has happened to a few of us. I think I’ve read most reports of it happening around water. I lost mine in the dregs dungeon. There should still be active threads if you want to add to one of them.

Thank you bbtech, I will look for that thread. Would you be able to link it if you have it available?

Here’s one of them:

What about Black Keep?

I’ve been having an stuttering issue where the game simply goes from 60 fps to 7 for no reason and when i use the command stat unitgraph it looks stable at the first minute or so an then it starts going up out of the screen and coming back.

Hello Funcom hope all is well. I have come across an issue with thralls I have guarding at my base. It seems about 5 of them have fallen through the ground and are below my base in the mesh. I saw one of my thralls buried 3/4 into the ground only showing the head so I can only assume my other thralls fell under as well. The server restart did not fix the problem as my thralls are now guarding in new spots…how can I go about getting my thralls back? Should I try and underrmesh under my own base? I would prefer not to rescue them as 3 are holding swords of crom. Would it ever be possible to allow thralls to keep their gear after you rescue them? I really am sad and would love to get my thralls back.


Server Stability ??
are u making fun of our faces??

Since the FREEWEEKEND its just IMPOSSIBLE to play on 1986 (PvP),

the server is MASSKICKING EVERYDAY exactly on PVP hours of the day

this is happening since a week

this is just ridiculous how you want to show the game to people,
but the effects are the opposite you want, because

i know what im saying because i have 900h on this little game

I’ve noticed micro-spikes/lags periodically when playing the game. It affects the gameplay, even with few players on the server (Official 1008, EU-region).

When I jump/slided down to my base, I noticed the geometry of my base lacked pieces, then was promptly teleported back up. I slid down again, more slowly and there were micro-lags, teleporting me slightly above, but not as much as to the top.

What I can think of is that the communication between server-client cannot deliver the information fast enough, and this is causing the lag.

The (obvious?) solution is to make faster communication -< or lacking that, smarter communication between server-client. My thoughts gravitated towards cryptography, how to compress data on the server, send it to the client, were it is unpacked, and visa versa. Smaller packages delivered at faster pace. This are just thoughts @Ignasis - not criticism. I’m not even sure if the current crop of compression/decompression-software is fast enough, but if it were… Lag would become history.

I was trying to kill the Red Mother but it took quite time. Does other players has these problems or are they just results of mods, I do not know. But: My thrall sunked inside the ground several times and after that did nothing, secondly Red Mother returned it main position and immediately received its full health, thirdly thrall started to walk backwards slowly and forgot how to fight. But these problems I have noticed.

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New update is out!

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