PC Hotfix (13.10.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.6: Stability, Exploits, and General fixes!

Thralls are not required to farm the Malestrom. Go in as soon as itsl starts before it gets a little too hairy. Take what you can get and then get out. It takes time but would you rather just blast to “end game” and then be bored?

was talking crafters thrall, only way to get a better thrall than a t1 is to summon a surge, to summon a surge you need unstable, unstable you find in farming maelstrom, in other way, how many hours for a solo player to get enough unstable to summon a t2 surge (that was the balance i was talking of), knowing that on a pvp server, it’s not because you summon a surge that you get the thrall…because all players will come for your surge, without even talking of the very low drop of crafters. in 3 weeks with old mechanic, i have only be able to get mostly t2 crafters, and 2 t3. knowing that i play on pvp server and have been very lucky to not been wiped as 90% of people are wiped in 2 weeks. question is new balance to get unstable is worst or better ? according to this question, drop rate of thralls crafter is better or not ?

Since Funcom Doesn’t like to tell us all the patch notes, can we all post here any new or different stuff please?


I would say it’s probably better to farm unstable now, if it works as intended. I generally get to around 30 unstable then the mobs are coming too fast for me to handle so I leave at around 40. But if they spawn a little less dense, then I could probably get 50 or 60 in one run through the entire storm.

No, it’s not. The big update won’t be called “hotfix”.

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NPCs in the Maelstrom now only spawn 3 per player, at about 3 every 3-5 minutes. Maelstrom is no threat anymore. you can spend your entire time fighting in the maelstrom, without drinking a single health potion.

Edit: It seems to differ slightly based on your region of the storm. If your experience differs than above, please respond to my post in the Siptah forums.

That was a long wait for what seems like an underwhelming and vague (“Fixed a GUI issue in the crafting section” - well, that narrows it down…) list of fixes, most of them for things I haven’t seen people asking for. It’s great that they’re fixed I guess, but you always seem to walk past the gold to get to the dirt. Last dev stream 23/9 I got the distinct impression that some major, really good solutions were coming “next week.” And others were being worked on but (paraphrasing) there’d also be a lot of major good stuff coming very very soon. That was 3 weeks ago. Can only guess there have been some major issues with the first of the 3 major updates planned before full release. But why don’t you talk to the community regularly about it? Why do you go into hiding for so long when there’s communication to be engaged in? For those still waiting for Funcom to address T2 and T3 crafter spawns in Wild Surges and better spawns in Surges, check out Better Surges. For those on official though… please Funcom, don’t make mountains out of mole hills (Funcom: “Oh your request for basic change XYZ would have to be part of a much bigger fix, we couldn’t…”. Modder working from home for free in their own time: “Done, what’s next?” e.g. Sandstorm Bug - still a thing. A modder fixed it I think around 2 years ago. Every time I go back to official and have the out of sync/invisible sandstorms I shake my head. Violently.


On our server, me and two clanmates with followers just did the maelstorm… we walked away with two greater, and about 140 unstable and it was just as crazy as it always is especially towards the end. Seems fine if you are with a group. The wording in the hotfix is that they reduced spawn rate for an “individual” so maybe solo players don’t get overwhelmed.

I soloed it with my thrall and got 110 unstable and 1 greater. Got a little nervous for a second fighting Dragon and mob spawns but came out on top. I actually enjoyed it. 1 for Funcom yay! Now to fix the severe problems that’s making people quit… ie its ridiculous that I’ve farmed over 100+ dungeons and still no where close to getting the real important recipes (Master Weapons, Reaper Poison, lots more). I think every 20 I do I get may 1-2 recipes and their damn duplicates! If the duplicates could go away then I’d be proud of the grind but a lot of people don’t want to grind and want to enjoy the fighting. I feel like I farm more than actually fight cool stuff or people. Then there’s getting named Thralls… the nonstop grind and almost impossible solo on Official PvP servers. They need to lighten up a little and at least give 1 every 5 summons or something.


Thanks for the fix, it was so nice to see what the underwater vaults actually looked like.

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