PC Hotfix (16.03.2020) - VoIP and Hannuman's Grotto Fixes

Greetings Exiles,

We’re releasing a hotfix to address an issue that arose with our latest Update and made VoIP non-functional, as well as a problem that caused the chest at Hannuman’s grotto not to provide the expected rewards.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.



  • Offering a sacrifice in Hannuman’s Grotto should now provide a reward, as intended.


  • Fixed an issue with VoIP.


This is why im always considering deleting conan exiles

Why you SUDDENLY make updates without any warnings?

I was just finished gathering 50k rocks which took like 2 hours.

I turn of ALL my fireplaces as i do every morning because of your weak system that turns it on after each server restart.

Now i died with 5k rocks, my legendary armor, blood tools and weapons.

Can you just fix the AUTOMATIC fireplace turn on? Thx for wasting my time.


Thanks for the update - my players have been crying so much over Hanuman that their armour’s rusting.

(ps: Unforgivable! Your hardworking Dev-Thralls are supposed to have updated all my mods so that they work as well :smiley: )


Patches without warnings that could break our game - great! This is exactly what we all dream of. Do you know how GOOD developers do it? They unload a new patch and do a version check when a user tries to connect to the official server. And they give the message “You have a different version. Update if you want to play on the official server.” But this is not about Funcom. Funcom silently unloads a new patch, breaking the game for thousands of solo players and players on private servers.
Your game designer couldn’t balance, couldn’t come up with normal gameplay - that’s why we play on private servers, where the mod makers corrected YOUR mistakes and shortcomings. But you persistently, with each patch, prevent them from doing your work.


The few smallest updates fix more than big ones - where sometimes something goes really bad. :roll_eyes:

For me frequent updates are the charms :clown_face: of playing on the PC.
Thanks for repairing Hannuman’s Grotto. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :+1:


Please keep it civil.


We are still having issues with our servers updating. We downloaded the files individually. Then we’ve restarted the servers several times and the servers still show as “Invalid” when looking in the server list.

Can we get some feedback on what’s going on?


Thank you for your hard work. I know that it is at times, sometimes seeming most times, a thankless job that you are doing.

While there may be those who are disgruntled at the way things are going, even I, am not particularly pleased with hiccups and faux pas… I understand that you are just a messenger or intermediary for what the ‘higher ups’ deem as a necessary information process. At least that is how I am looking at it.

On one hand, even the uncivil commentaries should be viewed through rose colored glasses. Take the grain of salt and apply it where it is needed. Salt improves the flavor of anything!

Such a large player base does require some forethought on how one action ‘affects’ them. Even the silent ones. I am not so silent, and I may get my feathers ruffled now and then, but in the end, I appreciate the fact that you, Ignasis, take time to deliver your messages to the populace. You’re just doing your job.

Thank you for the hard work.

I hope this patch will do more help than harm.
Thank you, again.

~ Red March


Why not patch to testlive first? I understand it’s a small hotfix and something you want to get fixed immediately.

In my mind you have to commit to one or the other, either all patches and hot fixes get vetted by testlive first, or none of them do.

You’re responsible for building a community that will test everything on testlive verify that it is fully functional and give it the seal of approval from the community. Jumping back and forth on where you patch or hotfix will not grow your testing community.

I think the previous patch was a solid example of how well things can go when you let the community test. I’m all for getting patches to broken things as fast as possible but they need to be stable as well. I don’t know if this one is stable or not and I’m not judging it because I have yet to load it up. I just wanted to share my 2 cents on how I think you should proceed with future patches and hot fixes.

Please give us the opportunity to test everything first, if down the line people aren’t testing then that is on us as a community not you.


Love the patch! I appreciate not having to explain to players that there’s nothing I can do to fix their hearts :joy:


Dude the server gives a 10 minute warning, you died cause you screwed up. Learn to survive.


Thanks for the update.

When can we expect Jens Erik and friends to resume Dev Stream? :grinning: :studio_microphone:I miss those events.

Take care and be safe.


My private server refuses to start again after the update… :cry:

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Yes, they are probably the cause…

I’ve got sad news for you :frowning:

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I agree with @Wak4863. I know that this is only a tiny hotfix, but it would have been better to put it on Testlive first. The whole idea was that we as a community can help you guys ensure that no unexpected bugs slip the net (for example, the previous paperdolling, and thralls crafting station recipes being cut-off) with the fix when it goes live. I am not trying to be rude or pushy. I am only saying this because I care. Please, I urge you all to be consistent with the newfound approach to Testlive. Help us help you.

PS- thankyou very much for the fix!


I suspect that most of us Admins that have run modded servers for years have Always been aware that mods may always be affected by official patches/updates. Based on the 15-odd mods I have on my server(s), I have always had to accept that there may be downtime when changes happen. I only keep mods on my server(s) that are regularly maintained. That is the risk of using any mods.

There are a ton of other game devs out there that do not allow much on the mod front, so I am certainly grateful that FC have been so open to the great Mod-Squad(s) out there. I am also very grateful to all Mod-Squat peeps who maintain their mods (most have ways you can say thanks financially).

When my players get grumpy or abusive over waiting for a mod to be updated, they are referred to try un-modded servers.

Thank you for the Patch FunCom - although, if you/FunCom did them every other day and not continue in the controlled fashion done now, I would certainly start getting a little snippy. :smiley:

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A “hotfix” is by definition time-sensitive, intended to be pushed out as quickly as possible, to address a critical issue. Sending it to testlive first would defeat the purpose. It is different from a patch.


Judging from reports of breakage, it might not have been as focused as people would like.

And that number is not likely to grow if Funcom abandons the policy of using TestLive for testing, the same policy that gave several of us the hope and the nudge to start using TestLive.

Why would VoIP and Hannuman’s Grotto be time-sensitive?