PC Hotfix (18.06.2020) - Critical fixes

I have a g-portal server and I still get the char creation screen instead of getting on the server on my already established char. sigh…

This is so incredibly bad. How long for the hotfix to repair the login errors?

My rented G-Portal server also works, though at first I was a bit nervous because the server list showed me the level of another player on the server instead of my own level…

the lag and rubber banding all over the place, hanging in random spot then poof your on the other end of the desert being attacked by what… nope dead before you can pull a weapon. is driving me nutz… Server pings are insane and it takes an hour to get one low enough to join an official server then you are met with lag, freezing and never ending rubber banding. **sighs logs out naked cause I cant get back to my body unable to retrieve my armor, weapons or follower.

Hello??! Is anyone still investigating and/or trying to fix the unresolved issues? A recent “We are still working on it” would be much appreciated! My friends & I are STILL unable to play (since 6/16)! Issues: Frequent ‘No connection to internet’ error msg while server list loads (Win 8). History & Faves not found, unable to find most servers we’ve played on in the past. Unable to find rented server in search, even though it’s online… we must direct connect, and then we crash within 1-2 min, 100% of the time! Please, let people know that you are working on a fix for these issues, and haven’t gone on vacation. Thanks


Only what I wrote mate.

1, Removed Pippi (was the only mod we had installed as we have a Vanilla server.)
2, Copied across my game.db file from a backup BEFORE the Patch41 came out.
3, I always had all 4 ports pointing to the server so no firewall changes
(Game, Raw UDP, Steam Query & RCON Ports)
4, Using DedicatedServerLauncher1046, I selected “Validate Server Installation”

5, Updates came in.
6, Launch the server -All done.

I hope this helps buddy.

There is my Issue, i was never using the server launcher, always had my own scripts to manage restarts/uptime and stuff, no chance to get it running with it, I installed the server launcher and with that it works…
I just wish this update never happened

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OK, I did a full burn-down re-install yesterday and got into my Official Server #1500 for the first time in almost a week. I thought the issue was fixed, but today (Sunday 9AM CST) I cannot get in. Same “Lost Online Connection” error dialog every time. Funcom, YOU MUST FIX THIS! Whatever that new Funcom service is, it is NOT working and keeping people with a really solid internet connection from playing. Windows 8.1, 16GB RAM, Fast AMD CPU and GPU and a hardwired gigabit Ethernet connection and NOTHING else running. Tried launching from desktop icon and from inside of Steam library, no difference.


Hi, I still experience the no endurance and no ability to roll bug… it was supposed to be patch in the last update, it is not.

I’m curious if the lost character issue is still being looked at or not. Never received a response to my DMs reporting the requested info after trying the instructions for the 18th patch and finding I still didn’t get merged with my original character.

Been long enough where I’m curious if I should just start over with the new character as no new fixes are expected. Or if I should continue to not play under the assumption I’ll eventually get merged with a future patch.

Are you using Pippi? If so, you may want to visit their discord for some tips from the users there.


when the bots stop attacking the player and his slave in herds, you extended their range, and did you think that they are attacking the player max 10 at a time and why no one thought of such a problem. In this way, 10 wikis can even threaten - a lion. you thought about taking the health of NPCs and slaves and the attack of e.g. Red Dragon or Seta can easily kill a player soldier.

in addition I have this bug and display other devices that support and use on funcom.

I reported a problem but you have to answer it seriously - after 10 days hAHAHAHA

Pippi does not cause lost characters. The switch from steam ID to Funcom ID caused Pippi to no longer be able to access the stored data it saves for characters on a server.


ok rly when will the error be fixed (Connection lost. You must be connected to the internet to play online)
and then when i press ok it kicks me out of the servers list back to the main menu

Multigun never really said Pippi caused the loss of characters… He rightfully suggested where the user could get some additional help with their issue.

The characters aren’t “lost”, Pippi just sees you as a different user, but the old character data is still in the database. The Pippi modders will find a solution Im sure.

I dont believe Ive ever seen a developer design their game around a mod before, so technically, it’s Pippi that has the issue with the new method and needs realigning with the game.


Yep going on day 5 now… yet they continue to ignore the thousands of us that this is happening to…REFUND

Modded servers with PIPPI loaded need to pop on over to the PIPPI Discord for all the updates https://discord.gg/brZ8Uwz

As PitMonk says, mods change to cater to changes to a game.

Based on my office circumstances, I also imagine that there are still a Huge amount of employees working remotely over at Funcom. This is a huge complication to many working environments and makes it difficult to ensure all bases are being 100% tested, deployed and fully tested.

In my environment we are lucky, we do not have thousands of servers, game platforms, international policies and licenses and languages to have to deal with - timezones included. I can test on the test platform, deploy to an in-house pre-live platform that’s a complete mirror of Live for some more final testing, and then roll out to live. If there are issues, then I can seamlessly roll-back. Game World ain’t like that. Slamming any development house with a stick when they are too slow to roll out (because they are taking time/testing/sleeping/eating), and then also slamming them when they release too fast to fix something, well…

Thanks to the dev and tech staff for working remotely and getting stuff done, to the support staff for reading through these forums, and the art staff for making the stunning in-game visuals.


My intention was not to accuse Multigun of anything or throw shade at him. But to clairify a misunderstanding. I did not think about the fact that this is a public forum and addressed him how i would have in a DM. This was bad form on my part.

Perhaps I should explain what i mean from a different angle.
When you log into the game the game doesn’t ask Pippi who you are. The game knew who you were based off of your SteamID and now it knows who you are based off of your FuncomID. The handling of this switch is the root of the problem.
Pippi character data and Funcom character data are not the same. What they have in common is they both used your steamID to track information about your character.
So the loss of a character doesn’t hinge on how Pippi sees you but rather how the game sees you.
After the last round of fixes it may well be that the only way to get characters back is by manipulation of the game db. While the Pippi team may be able to restore your Pippi character data i do not know that they will be able to restore your Funcom character data.


We have a problem, on server we got the but that there is no fall damage. A guild is abusing this building sky high towers and jumpin inside bases. The same clan is having undermesh bases and is raiding entire server guilds from underground. We sould like you to fix the NO FALL DAMAGE ASAP, 4 months of getting my guild stuff destroyed for a horrible mistake i hope you guys can do something.

The no fall damage is fixed on TestLive meaning that it is likely that it is going to be fixed with the next patch for the live servers.