PC Hotfix (29.06.2018) Build 102194/18479

The PC Live servers will come down for a very quick patch to update BattleEye Code.

  • Fixed an issue with BattleEye activation that made it possible for cheaters to bypass the protection.

VDD at it again hey :wink:

That server MOTD pop-up 10 minute patch warning thingamabobby worked like a charm.

Thanks for that :slight_smile: It got me all excited thinking it’d be the 500 fix. hehehe

But naw. This is good too. No cheats makes me feel safer x_x


I fully agree, i liked the heads up compared to what it was before.

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Glad to hear the notification in game is working! After all that is a feature you guys and girls have been asking us for and we happily delivered :slight_smile:

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that’s really good and it leaves me very quiet, now after that update we only have 2 servers connected in South America, I could do something with that please

@Tascha Official 1517 not up

Since the patch, can’t get the game to launch from steam.


Likewise, since this BE patch, unable to get Conan to load from Steam.

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Conan wont launch for me either. I tried updating driver, Java, did a file scan through steam. Just won’t launch.

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Uninstalled battle eye and re-installed… no help there either.

I very much appreciate the notification, but I would prefer a passive, persistent message over a check box that steals focus. Sure, 9 times out of 10, it might be fine, but if you are doing something critical like making a jump or fighting a boss or player (and maybe losing, as I tend to do), it might be the difference between life and death.

A distinctive warning sound and a passive information display would perhaps be preferable.

Can you please fix the damn BASICS of this game, like being able to see your body when you died. This game is worse than most games in Alpha testing stage and you call this a finished product, what a damn joke.

Rolling out hotfixes and patches but nothing that people has been complaining about for months already doesn’t get fixed, what is this just another money hungry studio releasing 1/2 finished products just to pocked their customers money :rage:


My game will no longer launch after this update. BattlEye starts up and just sits there - it does not successfully launch Conan. :frowning:

400 mb for that … well …

Relax man. You almost sound like… y’know… me.

I can’t find it atm due to industrial strength PEBCAK, but I vaguely remember reading that there are some fixes on testlive for invisible corpse issues.

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@Eldorhaan 400 mb for that … well …

Well haven’t you noticed that’s the one thing Funcom is extremely good at, they somehow gets it right every single time to screw up something with a patch, simply means that they never tests the stuff in a test environment…


Seems kind of odd, can’t even get to the GPortal site or launch Conan since the patch . WTF!

Update… Server is up again. Try logging into the game now. Mine seems to be letting me in.