PC Hotfix (19.6.2018) Build 100903/18362 [patched!]

This is a quick PC Live Hotfix to address some issues/leftovers from the big Friday Patch.
ETA for this patch is around 3pm Oslo time which is around 2 hours from posting these notes.

  • Upgraded to new version of BattlEye with improved hack detection
  • For modders: Refactored placement validation for some building modules to improve compatibility between building mods. This means, for the future, it should be easier for different mods to work together without interfering which each other.
  • Fixed crafting progression being lost/reset on server restart (this includes Thrall progress resetting inside the wheel of pain).

Thanks for your ongoing feedback and bug reports!



will you post something like a GO, when patch will be avaible to download for server ?

It’s already available. Community managers need a coffee break too.

okey thx, so gonna update server :slight_smile:

It should already been patched now :slight_smile:

Official Server gave countdown warning to restart. Thanks! :slight_smile:

:nerd_face: long time coming!


And I noticed an improvement in communication and yesterday between Dev and the community.
It’s a step forward and let it stay like that :slight_smile:


After the Hotfix all corner stair are vanished. it let me not place there new one.

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I do wish that the PC-version edit map labels get fixed sometime soon…

I have a small problem relating to the patch, seeing the corner stair cases bug out and disappear physically, and then you cannot re place them down where they snapped to before ( on a corner )

Fence foundations doesn’t snap to foundation blocks after update :rage:
Do you guys even test stuff before you release updates?

Please, tell to BE devs to stop enforcing data sharing, their service is not anti-cheat anyway and I don’t want to share any data with them. Thankfully there is something called firewall and once BE starts denying access to the game because I blocked network for their service, I will stop playing this game as well.
I do not want to share any data with spywares like punkbuster and its siblings.

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Have to say I’m unimpressed with this latest patch.

All my thralls reset again.
Rayne O the Rosewood has been cooking for nearly a week now.

But the most biter pill to swallow is being logged out in the volcano without warning causing me to re spawn nude in the desert.
Managed to get to my unlootable body.
Not the first time this has happened but the worst as I was carrying all my best gear.
Now I have to go and fight that a hole kingscourge again.

I think the biggest bug with this game, and probably the easiest to fix, is your lack of communication that you are about to shut down the servers for patching.

Please, for the love of Derketo, give us at least a 10 minute countdown timer.

Server messaging has gone live for official servers but it seems it didn’t go through for all servers. GPortal is looking into it.

Progress dependent on when it was last saved on the server. The recipes will be properly saved from after the hotfix. Sorry about the frustration.

Official/pc/North America/ pve/multiplayer/ patch did not resolve resetting crafting tables and wheels. Had 5 thralls near completion. Patch +restarted server, thralls were reset all instances.

It seems that the patch will work with a new launch in the wheel of pain. Apparently, the script must reset the old activity.

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yea though not all have been affected by a reset to the features/attributes since I respecced multiple of times it has not affected me in that way. but a clan member who had not made a respec before got reset

What changed with the placement validation? The stairs in my mod can no longer be placed. Can this be fixed by changing something in my current blueprints, or do I need to wait for another devkit build?