[PC] Hueco Mundo - Isle Of Men

I’ve setup a dedicated server that’s running @darthphysicist 's new map Isle of Men. It’s open to the public for the time being so come check out the map if you’re interested. It’s a quick reset of an existing dedicated server I was running, so the server settings might be a little . . . disjointed.

Server name is Hueco Mundo. No discord exists for it. Server mods are Isle of Men, Pippi, Improved Quality of Life and Fashionist.

Not really sure how well the server hardware will hold up as it’s never really had to support a population before. So don’t expect too much if you do join.

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Tightened up the server configs a bit. Here’s the summary.

  • XP is only awarded for killing and journey steps
  • Harvest 3x
  • PvP enabled 24/7
  • PvP building damage enabled
    – Thursday 2000 - 2200
    – Friday 2000 - 2200
    – Saturday 1600 - 2200
    – Times should be pacfic time but I’m still getting that detail ironed out
  • DBD enabled with 60 minute cool down
  • Max clan size 3
  • Avatars disabled
  • 8 day decay timer
  • Purge requires minimum one player to be online
  • Explosives feat is black listed

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