PC mesh weight bugs and others

Some armor bugs first. These are all with a male character.

  1. The Dereketo follower set - The “skirt” which is supposed to be in strips is weighted so that all the strips of cloth become one big strip and stretch from knee to knee and are weighted to the legs and do not havok about as they are supposed to. when you first equip the item is shows fine in the inventory preview, but as soon as you exit it breaks and then when you enter the inventory again the preview shows the broken mesh. You can equip or unequip any armor piece and the skirt will return to normal until you close the inventory screen.

  2. The medium “special” set (the one with the Loki type helm). On the front of the pauldrons there is bad weighting they stretch at the corners unnaturally to the chin of the player and follow the head movements. You can also see this in 1st person as they block your view a bit and morph shape as you walk. On the same set the skirt has clipping on the back of the left leg when walking (most of the calf and thigh clip through).

In game mesh bug…

In the sewer dungeon in the last room you have to flood in order to reach the boss. There are fallen stairs that you have to flood the room to scale up to an open man hole, the broken part of the stairs that fell to the floor have a section with bad face culling.

For issue #1, I’ve seen this happen with all types of leg armor with flappy bits.
Moving into certain areas temporarily fixes it, such as climbing a small hill near my house. It remains fixed until I change any piece of equipment. This was with a female character, but I’ve also seen the same thing on male and female thralls.

This physics issue is known and there are several threads around the web that suggests fixes. It is a NVIDIA physics problem that won’t recognize any size other than normal. It may work for awhile but if you have set your character chest to small or other than normal this issues shows up. In Live I did NOT change the size of my female character but did lower the breast size and so far that physics issue has not shown up.

I see this issue on thralls of all sizes, so I guess there’s no fix for them if it’s related to scaling.
I’ll try a new game where I don’t adjust my character size though, thanks for the tip.

Yep, that did it.
I created a new character, did not change any size settings, and I was unable to reproduce the issue.
I then created a new character set to the large size, as soon as I donned the hyena fur wrap, the physics were broken. There were no wheels of pain or anything in the world, which many people say causes the problem.

There was a thread where a non programmer literally analyzed numerous error logs on this and found that little issue. NVIDIA Physics does not recognize size…or something like that.