[PC] Oil Production System (It's a fuel, man!)

This is my oil production rig. I have around 30 or so fish traps in the bottom, and 24 fluid presses up top. Out of the 30 or so fish traps, I only had 1 that was not regularly producing fish and had to dismantle it. In a morning harvest, I get around 2500 oil from fish spread evenly through the presses. I use this for all my fuel needs, and provide free oil to anyone on my server who wants it. It can be used in furnaces, stoves, campfires, and alchemy cauldrons. I use bark only for the dryer and hide when I need it, and I can save all my coal to turn into tar through another fluid press.

Soon I will be adding shellfish traps and cook stations nearby to harvest ichor, and any fish that go bad go into my compost heap at my main base nearby. The waste has been relatively small with this setup, about 24 fish over the entire morning harvest. At the end of the night I do another harvest and get roughly the same amount.


Nice looking, but for what do you need that mutch oil? I’ve always collected it, when i found some and stored it away but never needed it. Ichor yes and tar ofcourse, but oil?

I use it in my furnace, stove, campfire and firebowl cauldron in lieu of coal or wood.

Wait. I can get oil from fish.
Damn I wish I’d tried that.

This is a good setup, I’ll make something similar.
Pity there isn’t a thrall to empty the fish traps and put them in the press.


i got a chest full of oil that i use to fuel bonfires in my watchtowers. il just fill them up with oil and let them guide my path back to my base. (and to a trap of thralls and explosives for enemy players lol)

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Wow this is really nice. Where is it located on the map?

I know it’s been quite a while since you asked, but I happened to pop on here and see.

This was located at the northern end of the Southern Aquaduct. In the Priestking’s Retreat lake. The elevator I had there going up to the actual Southern Aquaduct bridge.

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