PC Patch (02.05.2019) - Bug fixes and optimizations

Arrows fixed ? Oh… There was making like 50k of steel :frowning:

do share.

Im not publicily telling people how to crash servers, I have spoken privately with Developer Scooper and he is sorting out this issue, There is a private video on my discord and channel regarding the step by step process to crash any server as soon as u dismantle the glitched fences.


Our team is aware of that one and working on a fix. It didn’t make it into this patch due to time constraints.

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Yeah, this. Thralls and pets don’t need food anymore? Also, when I placed some food in a thrall’s inventory, it instantly vanished.

It was one of the biggest changes of the March patch:

Thanks, I didn’t read the March patch notes. Must have been hit later with that patch, since I was feeding my thralls 4 hours ago… 2 months lag? :smile:

That’s an understatement. It makes a dramatic difference, especially with lots of big builds, creatures, tames, placeables and thralls. :clap::clap::clap:

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Although thrall feeding was disabled in March, some remnants of that code remained in the game. They’re being slowly removed from the game as they are obsolete and lead to understandable confusion.

the dismantle bench designed to have a chance to return items now or is it busted? i put 5 pieces of lemurian epic in it and got nothing back, i put in 2 stone mauls and got 8 stone from one and nothing from the other

So, just to make it clear: Thrall Hunger System is on hold/removed, but my Thralls are still getting hungry and while Food is now simply disappearing, when I give it to a thrall (no matter if I want to feed them or just carry it for me), Thralls and Event log tells me they are hungry and the bar stays in the red???

I am confused

Hey @Gwen

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That is indeed the case. When their hunger falls to 0 they won’t take any damage. They still take food, but it’s just to give them a combat buff. Any other effects (event log notifications, hunger sounds and so on) are just leftovers from the old system and will be removed from the game in future patches.


Since this patch it appears thralls no longer eat.
Also the blood on the UI is still there. This bug has been around since the beginning of the game.

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  • Fixed a visual-only bug where seemingly, health would be set to 200 after a server restart.

From here: Testlive Patch (11.04.2019) - The Sunken City, Capitals population revamp, Witch Doctor feat and more

Maybe this pesky bug can finally be squashed when the new goodies roll out.


Uh, why not just make it so that the dismantling bench needs a 10 arrow stack for the dismantle? This isn’t that hard, folks.


I am disappointed that the only fix for the recycling bench is to remove items from the list.


The thing is, in the server-settings, it was still shown.

Now it shows this, like on testlive:

I talked about the hunger-system on testlive in a post, and there is a discussion going on about differences seen.
While ever still on testlive some seem reporting yawming pets because of hunger, what i couldn’t reproduce myself, this with a newer DB, i can’t state that this doesn’t happen to some players/servers.

Before this patch, server-settings showed still the old settings, ever after last patch. This, and maybe different results and reactions from pets may distrub some players here.

They do not die of hunger. But the hunger counter goes into negative values. If you do not feed for a long time, it can become -500 and lower. When you put 100 food, it becomes - 400 and so on.

is it me or does the “fireplace and hearth” now giving a lot more heat? , i was dieing from heatstrokes (heat was at 100%) after removing them my temperature went back to normal

Nacked isn’t the best solution, put a heat protecting armour instead.

I felt some slight climat change. Had extrem cold a moment in Seper after drinking water, but was also dressed in heavy heat-protecting stuff. But maybe they harshened it a bit, what is a good thing at my eyes.