PC Patch (30.01.2020) - January Patch: General, Exploit, UI, NPC and more fixes

so the new update now has hunumans grotto the box to get yeti/ gorillas is bugged wont take hearts and wont give items

My question was, because two of my clanmates had an other dowload/patch of about 600 MB after they updated and played a few hours after the first update. Felt like a hotfix, but it doesn’t change the build number and i didn’t receive any download after the first one. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, it looks like the voice invisibilty feature doesn’t work correctly on official servers. On our server #1121 PvP, we all can still see each other. But a player on our server, which also plays on a different official server reported this feature working on that other server for him, but not on ours for him, too.

Thank you so much for the continuing work on Follower issues.

Right out of the gate, I’m still experiencing my Thralls not attacking. That’s an old issue, that has not been remedied.

Could you please just give us a way to reset their aggression easily, say by removing and re-adding all weapons? Have you been able to identify a way to reset the thralls aggression if not the root cause for why it is happening?

Ignoring all that Steam shenanigans, a flawless (on my server) game update. Thanks FunCom Thralls and Thrall-Overseer @Ignasi

For what it is worth, I also experience this crash on my server:

[2020.01.31-07.23.17:529][173]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: ===
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:530][173]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error: [File:E:\B\branch_exiles-live\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp] [Line: 435] 
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:530][173]LogWindows:Error: Unknown code token 30
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:530][173]LogWindows:Error: 	AB_human_male_C /Game/Maps/ConanSandbox/ConanSandbox.ConanSandbox:PersistentLevel.HumanoidNPCCharacter_C_118.CharacterMesh0.AB_human_male_C_742
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:530][173]LogWindows:Error: 	Function /Game/Master_AnimBP/AB_human_male.AB_human_male_C:HandleInvetorySwitch:00AB
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:530][173]LogWindows:Error: 	Script call stack:
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:530][173]LogWindows:Error: 	Function /Game/Master_AnimBP/AB_human_male.AB_human_male_C:EventSignalWeaponUnequipped
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:530][173]LogWindows:Error: 	Function /Game/Master_AnimBP/AB_human_male.AB_human_male_C:ExecuteUbergraph_AB_human_male
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:530][173]LogWindows:Error: 	Function /Game/Master_AnimBP/AB_human_male.AB_human_male_C:HandleInvetorySwitch
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:531][173]LogWindows:Error: !0x0000000000000000
[2020.01.31-07.23.17:539][173]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError

It occurs roughly at 30 minutes intervals. I have no idea if it is caused by a mod that has not yet been updated, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Being a software developer myself, it wouldn’t surprise me either if it was a new bug in the engine :wink:

Hey everybody,

We’re currently aware of an issue happening after using the map room or teleporting causing rubberbanding for a few seconds. We’re working on a fix which we’ll release as a part of an upcoming hotfix.
We’re also aware of an inconsistent problem with corpses killing players stating a “fall from the world” death. It is also being looked into.
Both are part of a few of the most aggressive exploit fixes we’ve released with this patch which we’ll try to fine-tune and perfect with the next hotfix.

Regarding crashes while using mods, please once again make sure to either disable mods until they have been updated or contact the mod authors about the issue.

That was not one of the fixes in this patch. It is being looked into.

@Ryu-Salazar, @Barnes regarding vocal visibility and generally speaking, whenever any server setting is committed, please let the server restart a couple of times to correctly fetch the newest settings from the master server. Some servers fetched it the first time around, while others took a couple of restarts to get them correctly. By the end of today, all official servers on PC should have this setting enabled.


It wouldn’t happen to be the seperate TestLive client mentioned at the bottom of the patch notes? The update shouldn’t have downloaded in two steps (and the largest change was around 525 MB).
It is a hotfix, but as it’s so big, is named a patch.

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Same thing happening with everyone i checked with on our servers too, LATAM, which is making the game very annoying to play…
Have you guys tested the patch, because there is no way a patch like this should be allowed, making the game barely playable!
I got stuck on a stone rock, that should not be there, inside my base for 20 minutes! Had to leave and enter the server several times to fix it!

edit: nevermind that, yeah, no issues today, k,

Being stuck in one place after using a map room or signing into the game and being stuck in the ground you are standing upon, can be sometimes remedied by jumping or rolling. That might correspond with the rubber-banding that you are referring to.

Edit: This is not actually a workaround. You may jump only when the rubber-banding issue holding you in place has concluded.

One of the players on my server today suffered continual damage which resulted in death walking around their simple base with no palisades.

Great update guys! I’m sure a lot of veterans were eager to have glitches fixed for a long time now. But there is an issue i’d like to adress: even tho people can’t build, put bags or any other deployables inside undermesh structures, those who already had a base built inside AND were inside it before the patch, can still access everything and use the base normally. All they have to do is not leave it and the whole clan will still have an advantage over others (and the person inside can just create a secondary account, which can go from 1 to 60 in a matter of minutes if the clan has the needed resources, to go out and about, leaving the other account to transfer itens in and out of the base). With that in mind, can you add some sort of code to “kill” people that are inside undermesh, or at least make them unable to move? That way those glitched bases would be rended 100% useless, and that’d be great in my opinion!


AB_human_male was an asset that was changed in yesterday’s patch. Check to see if you are using a mod that alters that asset.

I can for certain say that this is not the reason. I have deinstalled my TL version out of disc space issues and the other two never had a TL version.
Anyway, thanks for the helping. :slightly_smiling_face:

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ah dude, its not just the maproom or teleporting. We all noticed it when first logging in, trying to run around the base etc. Its seems like rendering into the game effects it as well and rendering is slowly. Im sure you are aware but reading your responses made me worry you were all focused on map rooms. I assure you it is not JUST maprooms and teleporting. I had the issue after I got home from work before I even ported any where at all or touch a maproom

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That’s really great to know. Thanks for taking the time to explain, I’ll make sure and reference that in the future!

I have been on our server this morning, and the setting is now correctly at 5. As of this morning, it’s on. As in “like Donkey Kong.” :gorilla:

I hope this will be disabled on the Official PvE servers. Without the competitive aspect of PvP, many of us have a strong sense of community, yet there are also trolls that we need to watch out for. Pulling the wool over our eyes for reasons that are relevant only in PvP is neither desirable, nor helpful.

Strongly second this. The troubling aspect of this is that if the player list is empty, I’m not going to say anything in chat so I’ll be offline too, and we’re full-circle. This is also a change that’s easy to miss so a lot of people won’t notice it was made, but may think the server pop has crashed to nothing after the patch. I played last night w/o being aware of this and thought I was online all by myself for hours.

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I had this happen when walking around in my base repeatedly - and sometimes the rubberbanding lasted indefinitely until I used specific animations to break it (though these were not consistent fixes). Trying to move past placed objects or rolling frequently rubberbanded me in my base in a less protracted manner.

Has there been any progress on the bug where followers take (presumably fall) damage when they tether to you? It’s probably worst with Frost Giants, and I’m not even interested in going through the drawn-out grind to replace the last one I lost ATM since it seems like anything beyond placing it as immobile decor is a death sentence.

With peoples name being invisible wont that make it harder to report people who are cheating the game? We are having a massive issue on official server 1650 with guys hacking the game. They are invisible, teleporting and one hitting people and stealing all their gear ( Almost daily during raid hours now) we have lost a few people already on our server who wont play anymore. the only option we have at the moment is to look at their name on the list and report them. If you know of anything more we can do please let me know. Id really like to have everyone on our server go back to enjoying this game


Tried the potential solution but with no success :s

Depends on what the log will show I guess? Anyone checked?

We got killed offline on PVE C, by glitchers last time, it only said you’ve been killed by .

I have been offline the last few days. But i hope to log in and “test” tonight on my dead server. That fire is a burning in me right now to make boom boom.