[PC] US East][5xH 10xXP] Tired of getting wiped without getting the chance to finish your base?


As a player with over a thousand hours on conan I know how frustrating it can be to start on a brand new server just to get offline raided on your very first day. This is why I decided to create my own pvp server where all new clans get 48 hours of raid protection when they first start. The idea behind it is to give people a chance to build their defenses so that when raiders come, they actually stand a chance.

Server Info

• Discord: https://discord.gg/RFFJGcG
• Building damage will be suspended for the first few days to give new players a chance to build up
• IP:
• Rates: 10x Experience & 5x Harvest
• Max Clan Size:  8
• Weekdays Raid times: 7 pm EST - 11 pm EST
• Weekends Raid times: 6 pm EST - 12 am EST
• Server Restarts: 5 am EST & 5 pm EST

• No glitching or exploiting. Report any suspicious activity to an admin
• No blocking obelisks and world bosses
• Raiding raid protected bases can result in a temporary or permanent ban

• For the first few days after a wipe, building damage will be disable to give new players a chance to build up
• Any clan that joins after the first few days of wipe, will be granted raid protection for 48 hours so they can build up

Raid Bases
• There will be multiple admin raid bases scattered around the map. Each base will have thralls native to that area as well as other loot such as gear,dragon powder and legendary weapons

Server Wipes
• This server will wipe monthly

We just had a server wipe today. If you are looking for a nice medium sized server to settle at, do not hesitate to come by.