Perched archer thralls and dealing with them in general

So hey guys Crom here I’m currently pulling my absolute hair out I’ve played since early access I’ve had my ups my downs wipes and frowns, but I want the community’s answers to my question

How best to deal with perched archer thralls the quickest method to deal with all of them in general because I’m looking at a wall of 35 archer thralls here and a God’s out of the question lol

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Acid Arrows to destroy Gas Mask
Gas Arrows to kill thrall

Pretty straight forward imho.


No point to have trall anymore. They die super fast vs new. Achi arrow. Only having thrall for help for follow dmg

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or blunted weapons to knock them out and steal them if you can get them without dying

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acid to remove mask, poison and firespark for bleed and poison stacks. May take a while thouhg, they tweaked the acid arrow to 10% of original ticks per second.

While this game no longer makes any sense, just spam acid arrows at them until the gas mask falls off, then gas them good.

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