Perfect Cover achievement trigger is iffy at best, broken at most likely

Spoilers for achievement follow:

Spent ~ 20 minutes trying to find the right bench in the church, while wearing the foundling jumpsuit. Fail after fail, was my 4th attempt, each sitting at a bench for 4 minutes it finally triggered. I absolutely cannot trigger the second one by the Marquard statue. I have tried standing amongst the other /worship(ers) and even stuck my face in the statue’s ■■■■. nothing. won’t trigger.

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would appear as

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As I understand the thing is not just sit but to listen what that preacher says. For me it triggered right after his words. During your attempts did he talk?

Yeah, specifically, the Foundling one is to sit and listen to a sermon, so it will take a little while to register. What emote are you using at the statue? I used /pray and it came up pretty quick.

I tried worship and nothing happened

Hmm I also just pressed what I found first in emote window - which was /pray and it worked after ~5-10 seconds. Could be hint fail?

No, I’ve tried pray. I’ve got the red jumpsuit on, its daytime, the npcs are here worshiping and praying to the statue, I even tried during the first Anointed sabo mission. Nothing works. Doesn’t matter where I stand, doesn’t matter which emote I use.


There’s individual parts versions of the jumpsuits, and a ONE PIECE versions of the jumpsuits. Individual parts still works for the 1st Foundling part of this achievement in the church. For all I know anything works for the first part. For the second Anointed part, you MUST wear the ONE PIECE version of the jumpsuit in the costumes part of the wardrobe. Wearing the top and pants version will 100% fail..

You don’t need the jumpsuit for foundling…I did it in my penguin onesie

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Part 2 worked for me using /worship standing to the right side. Center didn’t work. Red jumpsuit one piece was worn.

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Part 2 seemed to work for me if I let the /worship emote run completely through one cycle. I was in the red jumpsuit, in front of the statue.

It took me 3 tries with the single piece outfit on. First try was in front with everyone else. Second try was on the statues left side. Third time was ‘behind’ the statue, and that’s when it worked. Using /worship each time.

So…how about the third one? :smiley:


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