The Perfect Cover - Foundlling

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve done favored and anointed but can’t get foundling. I watched the youtube video (several times), did what it showed (several times): put on Morningstar Jumpsuit (olive), sit down, listen - but no update. What’s the trick to this?

You need to sit through a complete sermon.

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Worth checking this thread out if you don’t mind spoilers

Thanks for reply. Interesting. I must have been lucky w/part 2 - didn’t have the problems others did - got update first try. And got unlucky with the foundling step. Maybe I’ll try other benches…or just sit there for a few hours. So, yeah…broken?

Ok, finally got it: I had been using /sit to sit on bench. Thought to try targeting the bench directly and sit. This worked for both my main and alt. If it’s a bug, then it’s just one of those things we deal with and hope gets fixed. Annoying, yes, but for me it’s more irritating if it’s intentionally designed that way, because there is no reason to do that way except to be annoying

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Well, it was probably a LOT easier to program that way.