The Perfect Cover

I have the first two done. Is there any way to finish this achievement (New Dawn)?

Yes. Without being too spoilery, be diligent in searching that meat house.

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Okay, thank you.

Hopefully crygaia will catch up some day. :slight_smile:

Being full spoilery, they left Chad’s hazmat suit in the corner, you have to put it on and think like Chad. ie. touch weird skulls

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Could someone remind me which quest it was that sends you there? Where to pick it up? Is it one of the one’s in the shed up north? Doesn’t look like the Che quest, because that was the sabotage one. :thinking:

It’s in the 2nd area, not Che’s sabotage but the one you go to sleep for.

With the big guys and the rocket launchers and the many-to-one dino? I just did that one, was it in one of those buildings?

I seem to recall there was ‘another’ quest from somewhere where you had to go into each of those buildings, but I don’t remember where to get it from.

One Flew Over from Che

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