Performance seems worse

To post in an area where it should not be edited. I have been playing in EA for over 4 months and have not seen issues this bad with the game.

I was looking forward to playing the game on final release and talked several people into preording the game prior to the release date.

Now the following exists:
1 - cannot rent a server from GPortal - obviously a GPortal issue.
2 - went into Official PvE 2505 and after about 1 hour it crashed while I was swimming in the river
3 - several console reboots
4 - check network issues - to make sure it was not a problem on my side
5 - cannot get past intro video before the game crashes
6 - if I get past it then it crashes when trying to join 2505

I really expected a lot more on the day of release.

I still love the game, but WTH?



Make sure it’s not just on your side — dust out your PC, make sure its temperature is low (we’re getting into the summer heat), and maybe validate your steam files.

When I started playing, I was upset because my frames were terrible. Turned out to be that my computer just needed a dusting pretty badly.

Can anyone else verify this?

I am using an XBOX ONE X. It is not on my side.

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