This game has become unplayable since it went retail

Since Tuesday I have not been able to play a full session of this game
I keep getting kicked and not able to rejoin the server because it fills up.
IF you do mange to find a slot you will find any useful land in the starting zone already claimed and if are lucky and find some empty land you get kicked before you even build a basic hut.
Funcom has to fix this…the game was much better in preview!
Fix the server problems and do another wipe!
I play on the xbox and this problem is both on the EU and US servers!
Getting very frustrated because had not problems for the last 6 months on preview!

Private servers.
It a premises of EVERY single survival game. If you want enjoy it fully - private servers ONLY.

It is only a few days after launch, they need time to address to server traffic and bugs. Happens with every game in various amounts, you just have to be patient.

That was what preview was for…yes I seen bugs and launch but this is ridiculous

I’m sorry for you woes, exile. The noob area is going to be a dangerous, crowded place with so many people playing. Try pushing out into the middle area, or a lonely spot on the map. Hopefully they will get the server issues resolved soon.

Playing on a private server with a bunch of my friends, we’ve had no issues other than the carry over bugs that the devs are working on.

I play on a pvp-c server and don’t have trouble getting in usually. You can use steam auto join to que, or you can just stay logged in.

I haven’t even logged into an official server yet. 40 hours so far from EA to Release.


I dont know why people with regular Xboxes try to play these multiplayer games. From this to ark to 7d2D its just a disaster.

The xbox is just not built sturdy enough to keep up with the demands of these survival games…

As far as the game servers go. They are fairly lag free even around launch. I think the ping locks have alot to do with how great they run!

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