Why is it getting worse?

i have been reading all the problems folks have been having since day one. My troubles were bad but others had it worse. with each patch or notfix as i call them i have slowly crept up with the ppl who at the beginning had it the worst. here is my game experience. i played early access with out a single noticeable problem for close to a yr. On day one i played for 6-7 hrs with no prob. then the crashing started. i couldn’t. play on any American servers at all. i found a EU server i could play on even though it was laggy it was PVE so it was playable. it would crash yea but a 10 min wait on single player offline would fix it most of the time. then i went away for a week on trip for a week just to find all my s…t gone from the decay mech. thats rediculous. so with all the other bulls…t i was done. then my brother bought the game. he asked me to give it another go. i did and got lucky. they added a new server and we were first in. for awhile it was trouble free. then the crashing started. offline trick worked and i built a cool house made lvl 60. it wasnt trouble free. it could get very fustrating with all the problems. its just acool game is why i keep going. but with this last Notfix i cant even get the offline to load. online is a constant crash like day one. it makes me wonder what kind of owner would put up with this kind of imcompetent work force. They have a great imagination but their computer skills suck. now their getting rdy to release some dlc. lol. who thinks it will work lol. NOT ME. i hope its free. we have alrdy paid for a game that should be in beta still. Oh and btw my brother and three others already gave up on this game. i started thinking if i know 4 ppl that split how mush business are they loosing. As a business owner i would be in the hospital from the stress of money customer and trust in my company lost. Last thought. i dont want to hear from the brown nosers who think the funcom folks deserve a break. their break was early access. then they sold us a broken game. they had to know it or they’re dumber then even we think.