Pet Lion Bugs Found

This is an expanded on bug report that was first reported by SilverxCloud here →

The Pet lion (both normal and greater) have a bag for an icon. They also have a filled inventory of bags, and have 20 health.

Tested in Single Player, but due to how I know how pets are setup on the back end, it will be a server issue too.


Thanks for the expanded info @Multigun. We’ve sent note to our team :slight_smile:

If you allow me to use the same thread:
Gorilla (normal and greater) also has a bag icon and is full of bags. HP is normal.
Yeti (normal and greater) and Grey Ape - same as above.
Mammoth - not sure if we are supposed to have it yet but it can’t be placed.

I have spawned a regular pet as well (a bear) and it was also full of bags (so I guess that is normal?) but it has a proper bear icon.


Thanks @Narelle, forwarded it to our team.

Please add the Alpha Elephant to the list. Similar to the Mammoth, it has a bag icon and cannot be placed on the ground but you can spawn it.

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