Pet returned home but I can’t find it

Game mode: Online
Problem: Pets disappearing
Region: [Here]

I was running around with my sand reaper queen and I jumped in the water for a swim. When I got out I noticed she wasn’t following me anymore so I looked at my event log and it said my pet had returned home. I have no idea what that means and I’ve been looking everywhere for her

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

It means that she should have ported to where you last placed her in the world before you told her to follow you. Or where you last put her down if you used “move” function. (Not where you last told her to “stop following” … this does not set her default home location now … placing in the world the first time does or using “move” will)

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You’re right! She’s back where I first placed her. It took like 10 minutes for me. Thanks for the quick response. I couldn’t find a forum for this issue so I decided to make one for everyone else with this same issue. Thanks again

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