Pets and how to make them better

So i was thinking … currently there no use for pets at the moment. But then it started to hit me. Why not introduce Evolutionary.

So for example lets say you really want that greater wolf but you can only get normal wolf … well what you can do is level it to 20 , then use a corrupting magic that will force it to evolve into a greater Wolf but back to level 1 with a Mulitplyer of 1.25 exp earn rate. And then after you level it to 20 again you get an option of a final legendary form choose from 3 form.

And each form specialized in a thing … like a Fire demon wolf , that does burning damage with each hit for a buff that stacks up to 5 with 3 damg per tick, per stack

Ice demon wolf , that can slow your opponent from range have a buff tick of 3 max stack each stack just increase slowing of 30% per buff , upon reaching 3 , it consume stack and give the enemy a stun effect for 3 sec

Beserker bloody wolf , that attack faster and stronger with no buff.


Doing this way will make the animal you want be more personalized and much more engaging and this can tie with Sorcery of the land as its evidence that the blood of the warmaker can corrupt and introduce new powerful pet.

You are making it too complex.

What Pets really need is ARMOR.
I think this will come in next Ages (after Age of Sorcery - Chapter 3).

Adding a “corrupted evolution” mechanic may be interesting, but what’s really needed is armor.
Really, they are perfectly balanced the way they are, they just need Armor to be on par with regular thralls.

Armor with gas protection, sure. That’s the whole reason not to use pets – no extra protection. They’re dead before any raid/purge happens (or, by the time it is over). Just look at pvp… nothing special on guard.

hmmmmm I still am sitting on 12 undead legionnaires in ice boxes that have armor and are immune to …well…everything.

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