Pets dying in volcano lava and you only can to see "thrall died"

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

When you’r in the volcano area, and you are followed by a pet (also i supose with thrall) is easy that your pet step into lava and dye.

After patch unfortunatelly i saw how to my greater tiger died walking near of skelos wheel.

1.- to be followed at volcano
2.- be lava my friend!

UP!!! a lot of thread with this old bug

Last time I was there the lava didn’t kill my thrall outright, but he did take damage walking through the lava.

Do you know if your thrall was standing in the lava for a period of time?

he had HP at 50% (4000 points) but when we arrive at dungeon temple, i saw the message, you pet no more follow you…

Hey @Fastorro

We’re aware of the liking thralls have for lava and we’ve recently introduced some changes to how lava deals damage to help in that regard. We’re still looking at ways to make lava less appealing to thralls.
Our condolences to your thrall and its direct family.


I was helping a friend who got attacked by a purge in the volcano today. His base is placed on an “island” in the middle of a lava stream close to the entrance to the smelter place. He has bridges leading to the main land around it. We stood and watched in suprise as most of the purge waves, except the last one, all spawned in the middle of the lava stream and died. So it seems that not only followers do have a liking for the lava.

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