Pets Starving when full of food

Has anyone experienced Pets starving but are full of food? Both pet and food pot is full. Some animals stating they have 31 days of food but the food bar is at zero and the starving animation is happening. Has anyone else experienced this?

hi, have you made the Feed Box for animals, or are you using the thrall Food Pot?
in case it is this, then once you have food that they can eat, in a Feed Box near them (not too far) what happens?

also, what happens if you manually take out the food they have but quickly put in something you know they can eat?

using a thrall pot as well as putting food in them manually… soon as food is put in pot it disappears into all the animals.
however animals food bar is at zero they wont eat the food no matter what it is. health is still good but animals are doing the starving animation. When you take food out and put it back in them they still wont take a bite. If you take the food out and wait a moment they pull from the box but still do not actually “eat”. they havent died yet. some have had zero on food bar for over a week now.

using both food box for pets and thrall pot both full of food every type of meat including human, plant fiber, fish ect… the food leaves the box and pot goes into the animals even the wolves are pulling fish even tho not on their diet… but food bars are not rising. animals still doing the starving animation and food bar in the animals are at zero. no one can figure out if the admins of servers did something off with the settings. or what. I play on a private server. so far admins do not know whats going on.

do they have any mods running on the server?
some mods are still needing to be updated and made compatible with the pet & thrall feeding system. others have been updated.

ah yes, it could be a mod issue if they use mods, it looks like i had a mod issue for a pet stacks issue recently too:

oh maybe this will help… prefered food settings?

If you’re on privat server, and using some mods, yes, you can experiment right now this issue.

There are many servers plagued by this issue, some with one, some with all mods. Funcom know about the problem, and there are different people looking for this issue now. Let’s hope the fix is coming soon, or at least we know what is going on.

Still, bit more details about where you play, and what mod you’re using is still useful to help.

Stay tuned with modders, and look for next updates, in the meantime turn off feeding or at least the penatly dammage.

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