Picking up Javelins is bugged

Not sure if general is the right place for this, I am still learning my way around the forum. If its not, some moderator please bump to the correct location.

So, picking up javelins is bugged. It says that you picked them up, but they are nowhere in your inventory. Picking them up from a body (considering they appear on the body, sometimes they don’t) works for me. Its the ones that land on walls, floors, etc.

I thought something fishy was going on. Everytime I picked them up, kept fighting, and went on about my adventure, I came back to my menu to restack them and I am missing javelins.

So I tested it with the simple test really… Just, throw it infront of you, and pick it up right away. Nothing. There is no javelin in my inventory.

Not sure if this issue is known or not.

Ok, this whole “getting javelins back” thing is kinda bugged here. I just tossed 4 javelins into a croc. All 4 hit the mark (the corpse had 4 javelins on it once killed), I picked them all up. Looked in my inventory, I had 2. So from 9, I went down to 5 on handstack and 2 in inventory instead of 5 on handstack and 4 in inventory.

Upon stacking the 2 javelins onto the other 5, instead of going to 7, it went to 6. lol.

Feels like there is a bug with their count, each javelin being 0.5 (hence they disapear when picked up normally) or something. But then to also be halved once more is even funnier :stuck_out_tongue:

I went from 9 javelins, 4 hitting my mark and killing it, picking them up, resulting to 6 javelins. That’s math I can’t even do :laughing:

Please fix guys. At this pace I’ll be just running around with 50 javelins and treating them like expendable things. Which ain’t cheap. (p.s, I sure am glad we at least have stacking now though… step by step, we are getting there :wink: )

There is a bug reporting section I believe

still trying to find it :smiley:
gonna look again…

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