Pict Race In Game

I’d like to see the Picts from Howard’s writings make an appearance in the game, both as a player option and a savage, forest-dwelling NPC faction.

Since the game has Lemurians and plays with the concept of time as part of the story, perhaps we could also see the less degenerate Picts from Bran Mak Morn’s tales too.

Tangentially related, we need man-apes in the game. Lots of man-apes.

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  1. There’s lot of races that could use more representation in the game! I tend to be of the opinion that if there has been an aesthetic DLC then there should be NPC’s of that race on the map. That certainly applies ot the Picts! (Though I’d prefer the Khitans and Turanians get some love first myself)

  2. That said, Bran Mak Morn is a character who’s supposed to come from much, much later and after the Hyborian era had ended. My own opinion is that the devs should stay focused on the Hyborian era. (Though I think they could also make a crazy awesome “dream lands” game that stayed close to alot of the aesthtics on Conan but also have alot more design spce to do crazier stuff in)

  3. Man apes are already in the game. :wink:

  1. 100%. Khitan, Turan, and Vendhya need more (any?) representation.

  2. That’s why I mentioned the Lemurians. I believe they are the ancestors of the Hyrkanians and Acheronians, possibly even the Khitai, but they are definitely pre-Hyborian.

  3. The grey apes are cool, but I want cooler. Like the Frank Frazetta painting of the man-ape with the blood red cape, or man-apes that use primitive weapons and traps.

Also that race should be a playable option, LOOKIN’ AT YOU YAMATAI.

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I can see wanting other NPC races added, but practically speaking as a player option the races in game are basically just character presets. They don’t do anything other than give you a base starting point for all your other customization.

Also, now I kinda wanna see an NPC camp called the Pict Stop. :crazy_face:

I want Funcom to add a T4 Pict warrior named Franco. “Look! Dere’s Franco! Isn’t he fantastic?”

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